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I have been building models on and off for the last 45 years. I'm not the best at it, but I have a lot of fun building them!
I build all of my models in 1/48th scale. So I can see what I'm doing.
I like to think out of the box a little and get creative now and then. I build What ifs.. because they are a lot of fun to research and build.

Faux pas II

Craig, your not the only one with S.M.S. ( Senior Moment Syndrome ) I posted this on another site and didn't catch the faux pas until the comments started coming in. The wing is suppose to say... "Miami"

SO3E SEAHAWK 1/48th Czech Model

I started with a 1/48th scale Czech Model Curtiss SO3C Seamew S.O.B. (Straight Out of Box) then thought Hmmm What If... The Warhawk nose came from my own "Davis Monthan bone yard" Otaki Curtiss P-40-E Warhawk. I hacksawed off the [...]

25 year old Revell / Monogram 1/48th scale B-17-F “My Devotion”

I built this back in 1987. I had built a Monogram B-17-G before and loved the detail it had. When I bought the Revell B-17-F I was disappointed to say the least with the detail. So I decided to make a try at kit bashing. I used the Revell [...]


Finished this one last year. It took me a year to build to the day I called it finished. Posted on another site, but one of my all time favorites. And fun to build. It is a 1/48 scale AMT/ERTL F7F-3 Tigercat mostly out of the box,and [...]

F-51-R Interceptor 1/48th scale High Planes Models

Had England fallen to Germany and the Luft '46 “Amerika-Bomber” been produced in large numbers and able to bomb America, it would have to be intercepted and fast. Before the fall of England Rolls Royce was able to send to Packard the [...]

SNJ / T-6 1/48th scale Revell / Monogram

Back in the 60's and early 70's it wasn't uncommon to drive through rural airports and come across an ex-Military aircraft on the tarmack. After WWII you could buy one. And many were bought and flown to airports all over the country. Some [...]