Arrival of a “Major Award!”

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A wonderful surprise on getting home Friday. My understanding wife met me at the door with a big smile, "Your 'major award' was delivered!" Not wasting the chance for the season appropriate, 'A Christmas Story' reference, I immediately opened the packaging wondering aloud where the fragile' sticker was in my best Darren McGavin impersonation.

I will not attempt to review the kit as this has been done a few times in the past. Opening the box one is greeted by individually bagged grey sprues, and I will say the moldings appear crisp and petite with fine restrained surface detail.

Fittingly the base kit I used for the Cavalier model selected to receive the prize is also but in scale, so here is the obligatory model and award shot.

The difference in size is remarkable, this will take up a lot of room in the display case.

Looking forward very much to building this, I will have to think up a good subject for this kit!

Thank you all again for your kind comments

Eric aka The Yankymodeler

Interestingly I had a few extra minutes waiting for my ride home from work Friday and stopped at the National Air and Space Museum. ( I work across the street) I happened to take this photo with my cell phone.

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  1. Congratulations, Eric. Enjoy the major award! (love the lamp...)

  2. What a convenient place to work! I would assume you have photographed pretty much everything in the NASM - I know I would have. You should post some (ok...a LOT) of them over on the "Airshows & Museums" group. Congrats on the "Major Award" (to go along with the "minor award" next to it.

  3. You'll love it. Best of all, SWMBO won't give it the same fate that other "major award" received.

  4. Eric...My congrats as well. Will you consider doing another racer?

  5. Cool! The pleasure of seeing these pics is all mine.
    Have a great time building the kit, Eric.

  6. Great video! The shots of Hoover and the Mustang are both very appropriate and brought back many fond childhood memories.

  7. Many congratulations Eric and best of luck with the build!

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