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SO3E SEAHAWK 1/48th Czech Model

February 18, 2013 · in Aviation · · 7 · 2.4K

I started with a 1/48th scale Czech Model Curtiss SO3C Seamew S.O.B. (Straight Out of Box) then thought Hmmm What If...

The nose came from my own "Davis Monthan bone yard" Curtiss -E Warhawk.

I hacksawed off the V-770 and the V-1710. I didn't have to do much for the conversion. A little filing and sanding was all it took the rest was S.O.B.

The Dark Sea Blue came from a Model Masters rattle can. The decals came from various kits. I still might add depth charges or drop tanks in the future.

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  1. pretty awesome frankensteined plane.

  2. John... what a cool idea. I have the parts to do it. I'm surprised you haven't put a shark mouth on it. I guess the real thing was a "Dog", aptly named "War Junk" and was dumped overboard by one ship's Captain, as the story goes. Perhaps it would have had a better performance record if someone had your idea back then. Nice idea, nice build.

  3. I like it.
    Your conversion basically more than doubled the original horsepower.
    Had Curtiss done that, maybe by using a derated V-1710 to say 900 hp instead of the 500 hp (give or take on a good day) of the Ranger it might have worked out a lot better.
    I've got two of those dogs on the shelf ... hmmm...

    • Thanks Bill, it would have been great to be part of the think tank to design the next great warbird back then.
      The kit went together quick even with the Wifing. I didn't care to much for the thick canopy's. The resign parts are nice. I would try another some day.

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