1:32 scale, Hasegawa P-47M-1-Re, "Thunderbolt"

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This is another one of my "Jugs" that currently reside at the American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale, NY. I think between Koppos and myself, we have a few there... ;).

It's a big model, so before you get into building her, make sure you have room!
Basically, from start to finish, it was a fast build, and the kit went together very well. If you have ever built the 1:48 scale kit, you will notice some very interesting similarities in the way the parts lay out. I'm not going to say 'upscaled' the Tamiya kit, but I think one could argue that point.
There really was very little need for putty or filler, and the model built up pretty straight forward. Very enjoyable build and I recommend it to all the "Big Scale" guys out there.
I built the model OOB, and used Model Master Enamels for the upper surface, and Alclad II for the lower side. The color is a very deep wine colored purple, and the story is, that the pilot, Flt Lt Witold Lanowski, had his plane painted to match his favorite smoking jacket. Whether or not this is true is open to discussion, but, fighter pilots being what they are, I thought it does have the possibility of being true, so I went with it.
Weathering is by thinned oils and pastel chalk, and the decals are from the kit, and went on well without any issues.
Thanks again and have a great day everyone!
Freddie from LI

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  1. Like yourself, I love all things Republic and Grumman, especially those manufactured during the "war years". Nice builds, Freddy.

  2. Nice model, but there is one bit of information to file away for future reference: neither the P-47M or the P-47N used that particular asymmetrical Curtiss paddle prop in service - they used the symmetrical Curtiss paddle prop. How the "hex-spurtz" who declared that they did managed to avoid the obvious fact that there are no WW2 photos of either type wearing this prop is beyond me, but most of the "hex-spurtz" managed to miss evidence staring them in the face on other subjects too.

    Nice model, BTW - good to see you managed to get the polish insignia personal insignia on right side up (unlike me!),

  3. said on March 17, 2013

    Great P47M, and thanks Tom for the tip on the props.
    I plan to build this same aircraft, though in 1/48.
    I have built Michael Gladych's M in same scheme, when the M was first released by Tamiya and have contemplated a refurbishment to bring up to date using my now much improved painting skills.

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