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Beware! My first Plane ever! Revell B-25J Mitchell 1/48

April 2, 2013 · in Aviation · · 4 · 4.3K

So yes this is my first plane I ever constructed, As you can tell this is probably the worst thing you have ever seen, but I keep it to show myself how much I have improved since this plane. I literally spent two days building this because I used super-glue and used a rattle can. So beware of how horrid this looks!

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  1. Hey don't be so hard on yourself it looks fine to me ,especialy for your first build, I guess from your clever use of the little step ladder its a tail sitter so that was probably your first lesson learnt right?

    • My first lesson I think I learned was to never use super glue around windows. (Which I should have known better because in my forensics class we learned how some crime scene units use super glue to lift fingerprints haha!)

  2. You did very well, my first models were horrendous to say the least. The more you build the more you learn. The fact remains that no matter what other people think or may not think, as long as you enjoy the build and you have fun, nothing else matters. Keep them rolling out.

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