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Avia S-199 Hobbycraft 1/48

March 14, 2022 · in Aviation · · 21 · 1.2K

Well it's certainly been a while since I got one posted. I got this kit as a swap with one of my iModeler friends , I swapped it for an Seafire and I think I got the best out of the deal because this is a great little kit , it came with a ton of resin and PE some of which I used and some I didn't. The decals were from Hannants showing an aircraft from the famous 101 Squadron ,the angels of death.

Like I said this is a nice kit to build with no fit issues at all.

Hope you like it.


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  1. A great result, Neil! It looks gorgeous in Israeli markings!

  2. Cheers Spiros , nice to hear from you.

  3. Indeed a beautiful result, Neil @neil-foster
    This scheme fits the 109 as well.
    Well done.

  4. Very nice model Neil !

  5. Very nice build! Well done.

  6. Great job on your build.

  7. Not a "ding" or a complaint, but that scheme is the inaccurate one the Israeli museum put on the last of these airplanes back in the 60s or 70s. I've heard it's been repainted correctly, but haven't seen any photos so I don't know for sure.

    Nice work on it regardless, and it is an accurate rendition of the airplane in a museum. You've made the most of that kit.

    I had one and thought to put the nose on an Eduard kit, but the surgery was too much since I would have had to have a fuselage from one kit and the wing with the wide bulges from another. I'll just wait because Eduard is supposed to actually do this by the end of this year. So thanks much for doing this one so the Eduard kit will appear. 🙂

  8. Nice work, Neil! That kit is getting scarce.

  9. Thanks for looking and Commenting John.

  10. Looks very neat, Neil, your paint thinning and air brushing techniques are worthy of a tutorial on You Tube, but you’ve probably got better things to do with your time...

  11. George ,It has been so nice to read such nice comments from friends old , new and renewed...but after a long day at work yours literaly made me laugh out loud you clever , witty man thank you mate.

  12. Beautiful job! fantastic paint scheme.

  13. Thanks Rob, I love anything IAF.

  14. Nice work Neil?

    I like the "Mule", great markings too.

    Cheers Greg

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