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Big B-17G finished!

October 25, 2013 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.7K

The big H-K B-17G in my driveway. Better shots tomorrow out at Chino. The gun barrels are not installed (not doing that till it gets to its new home, learned my lesson with the big B-25).

Zotz Decals to do B-17G-90-BO 43-38642 "Super Mouse", 323rd BS, 91st BG, VIII AF, 1945.

And now I am off to the FAA District Office over at VNY to pick up the Ferry Permit. 🙂

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  1. Simply awesome! I guess size does matter!. Great job...and I hope you are not going to hang that from the ceiling.

  2. Better have a strong arm 2nd pilot with you.
    Most impressive. What would you estimate your build time was?

  3. hmmm... maybe 60 hours

  4. When ya take the Chino pics, how about including a "common object" in just ONE of the shots - for us that haven't seen one built (or unbuilt, for that matter), and don't realize just how big it is...?

  5. Big and the result impressive. Hope that HK will release this bird in 1/48 for me:)
    Can you describe this as an accurate B-17?

    • Definitely accurate. We had a couple people who are restoring B-17s in the group of Subject Matter Experts I recruited to help when they were in the design phase. And the other SMEs definitely knew their Subject Matter.

  6. Crackin' build, Tom. It realy looks the part.

  7. Awesome build Tom, looks real, cannot wait to see the Chino Pics.

  8. TC, Looks like your going to have to rent a van or a trailer and then you'll have to get some permits,some signs that read "Caution Large Object" and a police escort to move your airplane.

    One more thing, please include some photos of the nose art...I know these photos are for teasing the modeling community and the real hook will be in the close ups of the nose art. Its all in the details.

    Every time I look at this kit there is a little OMG involved followed by grabbing the arm on my chair,taking a deep breath, and saying to myself "This ain't Kansas anymore Toto" ... this thing is for real. 😉

  9. It looks ready to roll down the runway, Tom. Beautiful !

  10. Tom,
    Very impressive. HK looks like they have a winner with this one. Space would be the only problem. I too await the photos from Chino. I had a gentleman contact me and ask if I would be interested in building one of these for him. He has the kit and I have not seen it yet, It will be interesting to see if we can come to terms in doing this. I have the room to build it (am going to post my other "back house" workshop soon on Man Caves. This looks great.

  11. I have seen the open box at my model store and have an idea of the size. BIG. Saw your WIP pictures and the finished model photos look great. The bare metal finish looks very realistic, and ready to take off.

  12. Simply amazing, fire em up, taxi out, cleared for take off!
    That is a fantastic NMF, a super job.

  13. Awesome job, you have done, sir! Yep, very nice!

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