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P-38L Lightning Trumpeter 1/32

October 14, 2013 · in Aviation · · 15 · 3.7K

Hi Guys,

Here are a few photos of a recent BMF project, with Kitsworld aftermarket decals. I also used the Eduard Big Ed etch set, which added a higher degree of complexity to the build.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. That's a huge chunk of plastic 🙂 ! Nice work on a very attractive subject, and it sure does look good in NMF!



    • Thanks Magnus.

      Yes indeed, a big kit. Also, hard to handle because of its unusual lines and high level of photoetch additions.

      It is in fact a tail-sitter, despite adding a lot of front end weight. I inserted a piece of thin brass tube into the forward vivyl tyre, and inserted this through a small hole driled through the base, which actually solves a lot of issues re moving the model, as I simply have to pick up the base and not worry about handling the kit itself.

  2. Nice and shiny...must be the lighting, 'cause even the base looks like it's NMF. 🙂

  3. My Dad was a crew chief on the "38" in North Africa. All the pictures of his planes were natural finish like yours. Great build, highly detailed and a realistic metallic look!

  4. Rob,
    This is really nicely done. Your finish is superb. Got to love a P-38 and you have done it justice with this model. Great job.

  5. that's a beauty for sure

  6. Rob , this is fantastic work, I wish I was half as good.Will this be on show at Telford?

    • Hi Neil,

      No not at Telford this time, as it qualifies in the Class 18 group, and people tend to go nuts with details in that group (more power to them!), so I think this build simply works for me as a kit more simply enhanced. I'll probably bring it out for the next aircraft competition night at our club, as something a little different.

  7. Beautiful build, Rob. Great idea on mounting it, too.

  8. Very nioe finish on this, Rob, very impressive model all round.

  9. Having built four of these puppies (P-38L, P-38M, P-38H and F-5E), I know how "easy" this kit was(n't). Very nice work indeed.

  10. Rob,
    Minor comment regarding an overall excellent build .and
    beautiful finish .
    Is it incorrect kit instructions which cause that all too common P-38 error of propellers which rotate inwards rather than correctly outwards ?
    Rgds Allan

    • Hi Allan,

      To be honest I hadn't noticed. I used a couple of book references, and apart from all the Eduard aftermarket the kit was built as per instructions. I've checked back to the instructions and can't see any other way that the props could have been set and still fit the hub etc., so I guess if the set is incorrect for counter-rotation then yes there is an issue with the instructions.

      • Rob,
        Thanks for the info . I've a friend who has this kit, so I'll check and see what the instructions
        say about the prop assemblies . Small point perhaps ,but it can change the overall impression of the model. There is at least one
        P-38 kit where both props are identical . How's that for sloppy research ? Congrats on a fine
        build .
        Rgds Allan

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