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Bf-109D, Dora in WW2 camo scheme

My latest, Bf-109D by is presented for review. This kit from 1992 remains passable and makes very presentable Jumo-powered pre-war fighter. If you only do one of these kits, I would recommend it be a Spanish Civil War version. Since this was my second 109D, I did it in NJG-2 markings, as it would have appeared in northern Germany and Norway in early 1940. I used the camo scheme made famous on the 109Es during the Battles of France and Britain because I wanted an operational wartime version of the .

While the 109D was top-of-the-line in 1938, it was obsolete by 1940, and was even abused by French Hawk 75s during the Phony War over Northern France. The did not want this plane in combat vs Hurricanes, Spitfires or D 520s, so it was sent to Norway as a second line fighter, or used as an advanced trainer in Jagdfliegerschulen.

The basic airframe was of course a great success, even though this version was considered underpowered by the start of WW2.

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17 responses

  1. Love your Dora, Bob!
    Thanks for the interesting short story!

  2. One can never have too many 109's 🙂
    Nice Dora.

  3. Beautiful build, Bob @bobd56az
    Love this early camo scheme.
    And for your collection, like Erik (@airbum) said, you can simply not have enough 109's, yours are looking great.

  4. Nicely done Bob, good looking collection of 109's as well.

  5. That's fantastic. A rarely covered topic. Love your collection. There's nothing wrong with having different marks. It's a great "theme" of any WWII fighter.

    I may be wrong but I think this was the most numerous variant in Spain?

    • Many thanks, Ross. And yes, Spain was the main theater of ops for this variant. About 200 served there and it definitely helped turn the tide against the Republican Polikarpovs; especially when compared to how poorly the He-51 fared in Spain.

  6. Great looking 109D, Bob, especially from a Hobbycraft kit. I really like the simpler early war camo.

  7. Great work! Nice info too.

  8. Nice add to the 109 collection! Well done.

  9. Very nice looking 109, I really like the way it came out. And your have a great collection of 109’s and S-199! I love it!

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