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1/48 Hobbycraft FG-1D “Post-War Corsair

November 4, 2013 · in Aviation · · 19 · 3.1K

El Salvador, , 1969 (last combat WWII Corsairs). That's what the instructions say. The Soccer (or Football) War . Our clapped out, war weary Corsairs were used as frontline aircraft by a 3rd world country. At least 25 years old and still doing the job. Certainly a different paint job than we're used to seeing. It's a simple kit. If there were flaws in shape or dimensions, they weren't evident to me. It was an enjoyable build, and I was really attracted to the paint scheme. My apologies to the "Navy boys", but not all Corsairs were blue..

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  1. Looks as if you did a fair job on that build, Joe...I don't LIKE it, but you did a good job puttin' it together and paintin' it. LOL 🙂

    I, on the other hand, am having one little snag after another with my same-scale Academy offering. But as the popular saying goes, "...we'll git her done...". 🙁

  2. You beat me to it, Joe! That scheme is on my to-do that camo!

    BTW - the conflict mentioned was called The Soccer (or Football) War, between Honduras and El Salvador. A Honduran pilot named Soto became the only Latin American pilot to shoot down enemy aircraft in combat when he downed two Corsairs and a P-51. His Corsair is on display on the military side of the airport in Tegucigalpa.

  3. Don't forget some Corsairs are grey Joe….nice clean build and good looking camo too.

  4. I love the camouflage scheme. Common kit used in an interesting subject. Very nice job building it and especially painting it.

  5. Great build! You took an old "Bent Wing Bird" and you did something totally different. Looking forward to it's stable mate, the Cavalier P-51 Mustang!

  6. Must be jungle camo. I like it whatever it is.

  7. Joe,
    I have never seen this scheme before. Very interesting to say the least and it is interesting to see a Corsair like this. You did an excellent job on this and although I will probably stick to USN and USMC I have to say I really like this.

  8. Wow Joe -you've upped your game, the camo looks freehand and a lot of very neat masking , you should be proud of this one.

  9. In search of an unsual scheme for a Corsair, this is IT. Very interesting choice, and well executed. A definite "like".

  10. Looks to me like you did a great job on that camo. Nice work.

  11. Thanks Guys, for all the encouraging comments. Much appreciated.

  12. Say, isn't that one of those Bolivian crop dusters? Outstanding paint scheme, really WAY outside the norm. As always an interesting and nice clean build.

  13. A real show stopper Joe.

    And an award winner I bet...

  14. Very nice Joe. I've only ever seen them in blue before, but this looks smart.

  15. Looks like you've hit on another winner here, Joe, good job!

  16. What a coincidence! After watching a great Corsair video yesterday, sent by a fellow Imodeler, I started thinking about how a Corsair would look done up in camo. Now I know. It looks very cool and is really inspirational as well. I love seeing these birds done in something "out of the ordinary". Great job Joe!

  17. Joe, yet another great build, did you free hand the camo?
    It beats the two tone blue for a change.

  18. Very cool paint scheme-unique and I bet it really stands out sitting next to its cousins in blue!

  19. Interesting paint scheme-great cure for being tired of blue airplanes. Well done.

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