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Hasegawa 1/48 Hawker Typhoon Mk.1b

December 28, 2013 · in Aviation · · 12 · 2.9K

's excellent made better with the inclusion of Barracuda cockpit, wheels and exhaust, invasion stripes, roundels and fin flashes were painted with the Montex Masks, I'm really liking these masks.

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  1. Hi Bernard. The cockpit certainly does add to it and the finished model looks great. I have heard of the masks you used. You can't ask for straighter lines on the invasion stripes. The Typhoon has always been one of my favourites, so I suppose I need to buy a kit of one someday.

  2. This is a very neat job, Bernard, you've obviously used the masks to their full advantage, and the cockpit looks good, too. The nice photography, with very little shadow, really sets it off as well.

  3. An excellent build Bernard, very clean looking and sharp lines.
    You have done a great job on a lovely plane.
    Well done sir.

  4. Very impressive build on what I consider one of the all time "Bad Boy" aircraft. Your subtle panel shading really stands out on that underside shot. You also got the most out of that cockpit set.

  5. I can but only concur with all of the above comment(s) - nice work!

  6. Well done Bernard, I have seen a few items in regard to the Montex sets that are now available. Your the first I have seen used them, and the end result are quite impressive. I have built the Car door version of the Typhoon, loved the kit, went together well. Thanks for sharing a great build. Happy New Year.

  7. Bernard,
    Excellent build and I am impressed with the use of the Montex sets. I am not sure I am up to tackling those. Your interior is outstanding. You did justice=se to this airplane. I have always liked the Typhoon and I will be solely tempted to get the upcoming 1/24 Typhoon from Airfix. Then again I may not as the Hasagawa kits are excellent and you have to build a hanger to store them. Again, Excellent.

  8. Really nice, and would love to try masks for the insignia myself. I don't mind masking canopies-feels great when I'm done!

  9. I like it. Always an interesting aircraft. The engine it had was amazing, 24 cylinder "H" engine. Unreal!

  10. Thanks for all the comments guys, and for those of you thinking about using masks I say go for it. There are only a few things to watch for and those are,

    1. Spray multiple fine coats to slowly build up the colour.

    2. Let each colour cure properly before replacing the mask part for that colour.

    3. White undercoat, especially for the yellow rings in British markings.


    1. Place the entire mask, less the surround, on the the model before you start the camouflage, then camouflage over the top of it, then place the surround and start on the insignia, lightest colour first.
  11. Bernard, great job on this model of one of my favorites. Thanks!

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