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Back to the hobby: Tamiya 1/48 Swordfish Floatplane

After two years absence here is a classic kit.
Out of the box with some added cable.
Ciao a tutti!

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34 responses to Back to the hobby: Tamiya 1/48 Swordfish Floatplane

  1. Absolutely beautiful…very nicely done.

  2. Davide:
    Beautiful work, rigging one of these is not easy. Not that aligning the wings is a walk in the park, either. Several parts coming together all at the same time! Classic Tamiya, I was amazed they also went for the float version. Only other one is the 1/48th English firm Merits kit, way back in the 60s, later probably Artiplast and Smer? Floatplane, as well.

  3. Meant to ask: did you also use their photoetch set for some of the rigging, and what paint did you use for the cerrux gray on the nose?

  4. Outstanding build (and photos)….very nice indeed.

  5. Davide,
    Great job on this.

  6. Beautiful floater

  7. Awesome build David and nice photos as well.

  8. I would buit the same and make a success of it as well !

  9. Wonderful build, makes me feel old that you are calling it a classic kit! Seems like just yesterday when Tamiya released it!

  10. Lovely job. I seem to recall the build choice between folded wings and the version here. I think Tamiya engineered it with a preference for the former. I used the aftermarket detail-up set – hard work for what it was….

  11. Dude – you have been depriving us of your skill! Beautiful build and well photographed as well. Bring us more…!

  12. Beautiful build, I wish you could tell us more. I’ve often thought about this kit, but the Mk1 and float versions seem hard to get now, although the Mk2 kit seems fairly freely available, and, I guess the Tamiya rigging kit is the same for the Mk1 and Mk2, with the floatplane version being different.

  13. George, the rigging kit does look the same for the I & II, though there is also one for the floatplane. It has bracing wires for the floats, additionally.
    The II has radar antennae, and the auxiliary tank that goes in the 2nd cockpit, along with the torpedo, rockets, and bombs and flares. Different style lower wing, it was metal for the rockets on the real ‘plane.

  14. Love this! This is the standard to aspire to!

  15. Very nice! This has motivated me to carry on my new tool Airfix 1/72 kit! Great job you have dome here! Great kit this Tamiya Swordfish.

  16. Fantastic work on your Swordfish. I have the same kit in my stash so your will be inspiration to me.

  17. I do not expect anything but also to see your creation Michal!

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