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Our Spitfires. Revell 1/72nd

December 26, 2013 · in Aviation · · 23 · 1.8K

Well, a happy Xmas to all .

Here are some pics of a pair of Spitfires my wife and I built.

I posted them as I thought it might be of interest to those SWMBO.

The kits were Spitfires Vb`s, which were basic kits.

The fit was not too bad except for the join of the the wing assembly and the rear of the fuselage on the underside.

Yes I know they are not perfect in anyway but the full wing version is only my wife`s second ever model built.

There are bits of them that in hind sight could of been done a lot better.

So , here you are, these pics are a request I got from Seamus so I have taken the plnge and put them up for general viewing.

Mine by the way was the clipped wing.

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  1. well done...she's really catching on

  2. I'm glad you decided to post these. I agree with Bob, "well done", and I know how much fun you had doing them. With every build, skills improve, and you can see it in what is only her 2nd model. We'll be looking forward to seeing more from both of you, in the future. Keep up the fine work.

  3. Nice planes, Simon. Does your wife have any other hobbies/pastimes? She's done a fine build job in a short span of time.

  4. Hi Simes , these are both really nice, well done the pair of you.I love the Skyhawk so look forward to seeing them ,what colour scheme are you going for OOB or aftermarket ? they always look cool in Isreali but a bit tricky for me in that scale.
    Cheers N.

  5. Looks like you two have got a tag-team (wrestling term) program going here. Always good to have a builder back & your better half looks like she is right there with you.
    Both of you have posted well built aircraft. Keep up the good work.

    • Tag team is a term I am familiar with. Back in the 70`s it was a regular on t.v. over here.
      She thanks you for the kind comments.
      Cheers Al.
      We hope that the rest of the Xmas Holidays go well.

  6. Simon,
    My compliments go out to you and your wife for the excellent job you have done on these Spits. MODELERS RULE#1: If you can't get your wife to build models with you, Name a model in her honor. Amazing how this helps out.

  7. Thank-you Frank.
    As I said in the posting, it is only the second kit she has built.
    She has got the patience and the ability to learn new skills, and with everybodys encouragement she can only go forward..
    We hope that the rest of Xmas goes well.
    As for naming a build after her, I have already given her the Nickname Biggles.

  8. Well done, both of you, nice looking Spitfires!

  9. Nice models. Hers is better 🙂

    Not sure where you got the camo pattern, the Spitfire camo pattern is pretty easy to find. If you have a Tamiya kit, it's in there.

    • Thanks Tom, The camo patern was the colours called out by Revell in their plans. You are right that they are not 100% accurate, they did for the exercise of teaching my wife.
      And that is what the whole thing was about.

  10. Nice! The most impressive part to the story is, Your wife built A Spitfire with you! My better half hasn't quite got there yet!

  11. Absolutely magnificent pair of Spitfires. I particularly like the shades of green and grey. What paints did you use? They both definitely look the part. For your wife's second model, I can see she has the talent for this hobby and I encourage you to encourage her. As far as the camouflage pattern is concerned, It looks close enough to a "B" pattern. Funny thing about Revell and Spitfire camo patterns, they always seem to have the pattern stop short above the flap area on the upper port wing. This was the way the pattern was drawn out on the instruction sheet of my 1/32 Spitfire Mk.II also. Anyway, they both look great and I would not change a thing.

    • Thank you Seamus.
      The paints were Tamiya, R.A.F. Dark Green XF81 over Ocean Grey XF82 on top with Medium Sea Grey XF83 on the undersides. The varnish was Vallejo Satin Acrylic 70.522.
      She has definitly got the bug.
      As she has got her own stash now, next up A4 B Skyhawk 1/72nd Airfix, done in U.S. Navy colours . OOb USS independence "Flying Lizards"

  12. really nice models! i also think that it is awesome that your wife builds with you - that counts for extra cool points! looking forward to seeing more models from the both of you - keep up the great work!

  13. According to Spitfire purists, I'm odd because as cool as the Spits are, I like the clipped wing models best! Kudos to your wife as well!

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