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Revell Nascar Frosted Cheerios Ford Taurus 1/24 scale

I built this model some years ago. It was painted with Testors rattlecan and I think the color was Racing Blue. Also, this was my first attempt at using Slixx decals. The actual race car with this paint scheme was used in a couple of [...]

Monogram Nascar Exide Batteries Ford Thunderbird 1/24 scale

Hello everyone, This is another one of my earlier builds. It was built box stock and painted with Krylon gloss black and Testors Exide pink. I thought the stance was okay as is, so no ride height modifications were necessary. The model [...]

AMT Nascar Kodak Chevy Lumina SnapFast 1/32 scale

Hello to all the model builder's here at iModeler. This is my first post so I thought I would begin by showing my older built-up models first. Pictured is the first model that I can remember completing in the early 1990's. It was [...]

The NASCAR Race truck build

Good lord AMT makes horrible kits. I would never touch one of these kits if I wasn't paid to do so. I think drug use is rampant at the AMT factory. Anyhoo here is a 1/25th scale AMT NASCAR Raybestos race truck. Custom everything on this [...]

Richard Petty 73 Charger by MPC

Hello all!I haven't posted a build in a long time but it is great to be back! Here is the MPC 1/12 Scale Richard Petty 73 Charger and quite possibly the worst mass produced kit I have ever experienced, bring all of your skills if you [...]

1/24th Scale 2001 Revell Viagra Ford Taurus

This model was initially a joint project with my nephew 20 years ago. I painted and decaled the body using the kit decals. My nephew who was 15 at the time completed the model. The model was returned to me 2 years ago as my nephew had [...]

1981 Pontiac LeMans NASCAR race car

The Car For the 1981 Winston Cup racing season NASCAR had mandated a new 110” wheelbase car, down from 115” of the previous years. Most teams were reporting that these smaller cars were unstable at high speeds and, in fact, the team [...]

1954 Hudson NASCAR 1/25th scale Moebius Models Kit

UPDATE! I have finally finished this Hudson for Jay Ward of Pixar. I have added all of my custom designed decals and the model is now on it's way to Pixar! This is an interesting build I have almost completed for Jay Ward the head of Pixar [...]

Ken Schraeder’s 1990 Chevy Lumina

Well look here, another NASCAR build from that British bloke who lives in New Zealand ! - yep, been at it again, folks, this time with the AMT version of the Lumina - to my eye they captured the lines of the car better than Monogram did [...]

1/25 Richard Petty Short-Track Dodge Dart NASCAR Kit-Car

I grew up near a NASCAR short-track called "Seekonk Speedway". As a kid and an adult I loved the look of these short-track cars. But as a kid I struggled with getting the model cars to look like the real thing. I switched to [...]