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Building my collection of General Scott's aircraft

May 5, 2014 · in Aviation · · 24 · 1.3K

I am well into building a collection of General Robert Scott's aircraft. He is probably the only aviation icon I have met in person, so this has been my motivation to start this project. All will be in 48th scale.

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  1. that is a great collection

  2. That Mustang is exquisite, Jack, and the Thunderjet is beautiful, but that P-40 sure looks the part of a war-weary veteran. Nice work on all of 'em.

  3. Graet work, as always Jack. "Old Exterminator" looks appropriately weathered, and the others are as Scott flew them, very clean. Nice to see your work, we miss you in Minnesota.

  4. A notable collection Jack. Nicely done. When & where did he fly the Mustang?

  5. Great collection Jack!

  6. Lovely models, Jack, they obviously mean a lot to you.

  7. Hi Jack...nice collection and great work. Which P-40 kit did you use. Clark

    • I built that model some time ago so I would hazard a guess that is was Hasegawa or possibly Tamiya. I know I did the P-40N from Mauve.

  8. Really Nice Work Jack!

  9. Great models and a great idea to honor a hero. All are exceptional.

  10. A fine collection of planes Jack.
    Done well too.

  11. Nice clean builds, love the Thunderjet!

  12. Great collection, Jack ! I'd have a hard time picking a favorite. How many more can we look forward to ?

  13. Nice work Jack. I really like the P-40.

  14. Jack, your General Scott models sure stirred some memories for me from the years in the General Scott chapter in middle Georgia. We often got to meet him, and he was truly a southern gentleman. BTW, his colorfully marked F-51 was from his days as the Fighter School commander at Luke, not in Europe. His tour in Europe was with straight-wing F-84's in Germany. I'll send a lot more info and pictures in a personal message.

  15. For more on General Scott and the special relationship he had to his namesake chapter, go to their website at , then in the right-hand drop down links click on "about our namesake". There you'll find a special tribute I wrote just after he died at the age of 98. Quite a guy!

  16. Nice collection. I have his F-84 in both 1/48 and 1/32, the P-40E in 1/48 (yours is Hasegawa, as is mine) and have a 1/32 kit for it.

    I had the rare pleasure of meeting General Scott at the 1984 AFAA convention, where I received the compliment of his telling me an article I had written on Chuck Yeager was "the best article on a fighter pilot I've read." The best compliment (from a writer I had long respected) I've ever gotten as a writer.

  17. Jack, if you do a search using "IPMS ROBERT L SCOTT" the link to the chapter web site should come up.

  18. Jack,

    I will add my sincere compliments on the Scott collection. You have done a wonderful tribute to Scott. I hope when I do his "Old Exterminator" it comes close to the excellent job you did.

    I first saw the movie " God is my Co-Pilot " when it came out in 1945. It was my true inspiration to the world of aviation. I have a copy of the movie and I have a copy of the book. I always wanted to meet Scott but never had the privilege. I envy those that have met him. You have truly paid homage to this gentleman.

  19. Hi Jack a great collection of aircrafts from a great fighter pilot.


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