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D-Day Group Build – 1/35 Centaur Mk IV Close Support British Cruiser Tank

June 5, 2014 · in Armor · · 17 · 2.4K

Hi folks, here's my D-Day contribution, 's kit of the . Quoting from the instruction sheet: After the 1942 Dieppe raid, the Royal Marine Division refined the techniques for combined operations such as assault landings on enemy fortified beaches. The division was later disbanded, but the Armoured Support Group it proposed was formed early in 1944. The ASG was responsible for providing fire support to the infantry units used in the initial assault on the Normandy beaches. The tanks would fire their guns while off shore in their landing craft; they would then land and continue their work from the beach. To assist in fire support, white degree markings were placed on the turret. The markings could be read by binocular equipped spotters, this helped align the turrets even if smoke obscured the direct line of sight to the target. The ASG was dispersed along the three landing areas of the 2nd British Army, Gold, Juno and Sword Beaches. The Centaurs were used to destroy beach obstacles, pill-boxes and other strongpoints that dotted the coastline. The ASG were ordered to stay on the beaches, but the Royal Marines ignored this order, re-grouped and were soon driving inland attacking targets of opportunity. Forces engaged were German 711th and 716th Infantry Divisiions, there were also clashes with the 21st Panzer Division. As the beachhead was consolidated many of the Royal Marines, including the ASG, were withdrawn back to Britain. All are reported to have left Normandy by the end of June.

The prototype Centaur arrived in July 1942, production starting one month later. The prototype revealed a serious flaw on the Liberty engine, it shook apart at high revolutions, relegating the Centaur to training duties. Continuing development led to the Mk IV employing the 95mm Tank Howitzer, using three types of ammunition, Smoke, High Explosive and High Explosive Anti-tank. The effective range of this weapon was 2,500 metres. These tanks were the only tanks to have been used by the Royal Marines and the only Centaurs to go into battle.

The kit is typical Tamiya 1/35, no problems with construction, I added the antennae from floor brush bristles. It's painted with Tamiya acrylics, mainly dark earth with some darkening in places (these tanks were the only ones to retain the earlier khaki colour scheme, rather than the dark green adopted by the rest of the British armament). I imagine the tanks got a good wash during the crossing, and have therefore kept weathering to a minimum, and gave the tracks a 'sandy wash'.
Thanks to Neil for organising this first group build on iModeler.

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  1. Very,very,very nice ! Love the markings on this one, and good write up on the history as well !

  2. Good representation & history George. Were the figures in the kit?

  3. Nice build!

    I have to ask - what are all the numbers and hash marks on the turret for? Compass markings obviously, must have something to do with aiming the gun?

    • Hi Jaime, thanks for looking. The markings were on the turret to help align the gun with the targets. The tank crews worked with a binocular equipped spotter on the beach heads, enabling them to fire at targets often obscured by smoke, or not in the direct line of vision. The tanks stayed on their landing craft during the beginning of the invasion picking off fortified targets on the beaches.

  4. Never knew of (or seen) the numerical markings before...interesting side note. Good work on the build, George - (I assume all the markings are decals from the stash...).

  5. Typical of your fine work, George ! Certainly an interesting subject we don't hear much about. Well done !

  6. looks absolutely fabulous george

  7. George,
    My compliments to you and I use every adjective you can think of to praise you for the model you have presented here. Your modeling skills are outstanding.

  8. Hi George. Great job for the D-Day build. I have wondered about the turret numbers as well. Nice finish and figures, as usual.

  9. Excellent George great work, on your first(?) tank.

  10. George, you have done a great job there.
    Excellent work as usual.
    Well done sir.

  11. Very nice job George,the crew figures really finish it off,thanks for taking part.N.

  12. Nice clean build and interesting paint scheme/graphics.

  13. Looks amazing mate. It's strange seeing you build something like this! I think it's obvious though that whatever type of kit you build the end result will be pretty impressive!

  14. Thanks for all your kiind comments, guys, more than I deserve. I've really enjoyed seeing all the models posted together in this group build, so, thanks again to Neil for organising it and to Martin and iModeler for hosting it.

  15. Hi George, a sharp looking tank, with interesting markings, very nice !

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