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Hasegawa / Alleycat 1:32 , Kawasaki Ki-100 Goshikisen

June 6, 2014 · in Aviation · · 9 · 2.7K

Finished this one last week.
The Ki-61 kit with the Alleycat Ki-100 resin fuselage. A first glance at the resin gave me the impression that I was in for an easy build. Nice panel lines, no bubbles, nice detail. The stuff looks the part... and there's were it ends...
The fuselage was warped. Tried to bend it using warm water but to no avail. One fuselage half was a couple of millimeters short . Had a hard time trying to get the fuselage and cowling ring in the correct postion to get a flush fit.

The aircraft is painted / sprayed with acrylics.
Vallejo washes are used for the panel lines,
Exhaust stains are made with Tamiya acrylics ( airbrushed) , Kanji are made with home made stencils and paint is applied with a sponge .
Tamiya pastels are used for the gun sooth and oil streaks.
Weathering of tyres are done with artist pencils.
Chipping is done with enamels, silver , green.
Only decals used are the red Hinumarus on the fuselage and the Akeno training squadron marking.
The a/c depicts a Ki-100 of 2nd Battalion Major, Yohei Hinoki, Akeno flight training division, 1st flight training squadron, July 1945

Best regards;
Ulrich Schütt

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9 responses

  1. gorgeous piece of work

  2. In spite of all the issues you managed to end up with a beauty. Very nice Ulrich.

  3. Great work, very impressive.

  4. Turned out well...ya don't see these often. Nice work.

  5. Well, Ulrich, I appreciate the problems you encountered with the fuselage, but you've ended up with a fine looking model, good story regarding the build, and an interesting history.

  6. Ulrich,
    despite what you said about some of the warts you did a magnificent job on this.

  7. Wow, I did the same kit (different aircraft) with absolutely zero problems.

    Nice result though.

  8. Great finish, Ulrich. I saw one of these kits at a model show sales area recently for £30. Should have bought it...

  9. The markings and stencil are great. The tone of the green is really good. I like it very much.

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