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1/48 Testors OV-10 Bronco

Playtime ! I would say it's a "whiffie" but, after the model was finished, I saw a drawing of the with proposed floats. To my knowledge, the real deal never came about. I had built this as a joke, along with several others, just for fun. I'll bet there are more of these sitting in closets than built, on shelves, with or without floats... It's a simple kit, with not much detail, but so far it's still the only one in , which makes it one of the oldest still in production,

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  1. Your imagination was on the loose here Joe. Interesting concept. Bet those floats were fun to mount.
    I like it.

  2. A lot of thinking has gone into this, I like it Joe.How about a B29 on floats?
    Well done mate.

    • Simon, it didn't take much thinking at all. I more, or less, did it on a dare. I had these Bronco kits laying around, and the guys asked why I didn't do something with them. (wait until you see the jet !) It was a couple years, and a few Bronco's later, that things got serious...

  3. Funny thing, Al. When things don't really matter, they seem to work out the first time, with little effort. Such was the case here. It's like the flawless paint job on something you were just practicing on... Go figure.

  4. A joke, indeed, but super-cool. Gotta love it.

  5. It's cool, Joe, I like it!

  6. Joe, there is a Fantasy/Sci-Fi book series out called "The Destroyermen". Think "Final Countdown" as an on-going event. Anyway they have these midget single engine PBY's type aircraft called Nancy's. They are pretty much the same color that you choose.

  7. There you go Joe, thinking outside the box again. Very cool idea.

  8. I've always had a love for the bronco...fine job

  9. Hey Joe, you forgot the water rudders and the cable that attaches to the handle that retracts them. And didn't those OV-10 seaplanes have four bladed props? 🙂

  10. Joe,
    I love it... Keep this up and you will have PIXAR coming to you to design airplanes for their animated features.

  11. Just found this in 'archives'. a wild concept!

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