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P 47 D Thunderbolt "Jenny"

August 23, 2014 · in Aviation · · 34 · 2.6K

My rendition of Lt. Chauncey Rowan's mount. scale P 47 D Razorback. Model was painted using Model Master enamels. Weathering was done with salt, watercolours and Tamiya weathering kits. Eduard cockpit goodies and scratchbuilt detail was also added to spice up an awesome kit! Decals are from Eagle Strike productions: "Early Slybirds of the 353 FG" Thanks for watching!

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  1. Nice rendering of a hard ridden horse Morne. Weathering is well done.

    • Hi Al. The 353rd had some rather scruffy P 47's. Found one color photo on the web showing the white bands on the tail overpainted and weathered with the white showing through.

  2. Great build and finish there Morne.
    Well done sir.

  3. Hello Morne...Very nicely your weathering.

    • Hi Jim. Thanks for the nice comment. Like using salt, Doc O Brien's weathering powders, Tamiya weathering kits and pastels for that worn and weathered look.

  4. I concur with "all of the above"...very nice work indeed.

  5. That's some cracking weathering, very lifelike! Welcome onboard iModeler and thanks for sharing.

  6. First one I've ever seen with an arming wire on the bombs.
    Great overall "look", restrained weathering, love the "messages" on the bombs.
    That flat fuel tank on the centerline has always been a puzzle to me. Was it used all that much operationally? In the ETO sure, anywhere else? Maybe I'm just looking in all the wrong places.
    She looks like the real thing, congrats on doing that.

    • Hi Bernard. Thanks for the nice comments. Chauncey Rowan's P 47 had the flat fuel tank and a brand new prop on his last mission. My model depicts his Razorback on the day he got shot down and taken captive by the Germans. Pilots in his outfit believed a prop replacement as bad luck. He proved them right.

  7. Now that is some really great modeling Morne!
    You even wired the bombs. Nice touch.

    California Steve

  8. You can almost hear it cranking up for another mission. Well done.

  9. love those checks...welcome aboard

  10. Excellent finish, it looks every bit the hardworking Thunderbolt.

  11. Great work - I really like the way you showed the wear on the white bands. Without duplicating everyone's comments, I still want to say how nice that looks.

  12. said on August 23, 2014

    Very nice.

  13. Outstanding, I concur with all the weathering comments, but especially like the chalk messages rendered on the bombs.

  14. Like everyone else has said, this model really looks the part Your weathering is especially effective. When you say you used 'salt', do you mean refined fine salt, or crystals? Thanks, George

    • Hi George. Refined fine salt dabbed onto the model with a moist brush. Allow the salt to air dry and spray over the clumps of salt. Allow the paint to dry and then scrub it off using stiff bristles of an old brush.

  15. Morne,
    Beautifully done. I really like the little added touches.

  16. Just looking at some of your builds my maater, I love your work, great modelling skills. we must really get together some time and talk.

    Great work Morne. Pragtig my tjom.

    • Baie dankie ou maat. That faded look on the OD is courtesy of good old home grown Cerebos salt that is put on top of the NMF. OD is then sprayed over the salt. Once OD is dry, scrape away the salt with a stiff brissled brush to reveal a chipped paint effect. The salt has a chemical effect on the OD. I left the model for two days after the salt was removed and noted that the OD faded around the area where salt was applied. This has resulted in an authentic OD finish.

  17. Super work Morne !

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