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Albatross around my neck :)

September 16, 2014 · in Aviation · · 25 · 2.3K

Well it was a long journey this my first kit, mods include Alley Cat canopy, bubble windows on the side, Navy tail and wing antenna, engine mods to get them close to being correct, float angle, clear beads for wing tip lights and tail strobe...I'm sure there were more. Overall I loved it, great kit, needed work yep, more than I did to be 100% accurate...yep, but man it was fun and looks the part, so I am good with it! Hope if nothing else it inspires fans to give the kit a go.

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  2. Rob that is one colourful Albatross! Just have to love those colourful Navy markings. Your representation of the dayglo paint is spot on. Exhaust staining is superbly rendered. AWESOME build!

  3. Ditto the above Rob.
    A fantastic build sir.
    A very well done.

  4. Plus 4. Are the exhaust streaks sprayed or pastel? Great model.

  5. Great build, you did it proud Rob. Great scheme choice as well.

  6. All your hard work has really paid off Rob. Very intricate & colorful paint scheme.
    Well done.

  7. A real "eye-catcher" to add to the collection. Nicely done, sir. I love it!

  8. Hi Rob, great work on the Albatross, not seen everyday !

  9. Rob,
    Watched your progress through this build and it is not a disappointment to finally see it. This is utterly Fantastic. I like every thing you have done with this kit. Your love of this airplane really shows through. Let me add, absolutely gorgeous. You have my vote for a winner.

  10. very beautiful, love the color scheme, weathering, exhaust, sun faded orange paint... WOW

  11. Nice clean build, great paint job, something "different". What is the liquid in the Airdale tumbler, is it used to wet sand models?.

  12. Just a sec, Rob, while I get my shades... Oh yeah, great looking build!

  13. that is one fine looking model

  14. Rob, certainly enjoyed following along as you battled this one. It was well worth the effort, she looks the part and the paint scheme really dresses her up.
    Well done indeed

  15. As someone who was around those airplanes in real life, that looks very convincing. Excellent work.

  16. Thanks guys, Mike the "liquid" is Lagunitas Imperial stout, a 9.9 beer brewed in California, and takes the edge off when figuring out why Trumpeter does what they do! Bill, the exhaust stains are a combination of thin black airbrushed, followed by pastels applied with a soft bush.

  17. Beautiful Albatross! I didn't know Trumpeter made a kit without divots for rivets. 🙂

  18. Beautiful work! It will get me off my duff to start mine!

  19. Rob, What a beautiful model you have put together. As Ricky Ricardo said, "I'm Yellous". Really great to see.
    California Steve

  20. All that effort has certainly paid off, Rob, it's a fantastic looking model.

  21. Looks great Rob, especially in that scheme.

  22. Fantastic paint job.

  23. Great work, the finish is excellent.

  24. Beautiful job, Rob. It's a shame it had to be so much work, but you prevailed. Hat's off to you.

  25. Ahh the work wasn't so bad, quite a bit I admit, but overall I have more satisfaction than from a shake n bake 🙂

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