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Focke Wulf Ta-152 ‘Hohenjager’

September 7, 2014 · in Aviation · · 30 · 3.5K

The Ta-152 was a short-lived high-level interceptor fielded by the Luftwaffe towards the end of WW II. Developed from the existing Fw-190 D fighter family, it incorporated a new wing, lengthened fuselage and to attain high-altitude / high performance, a nitrous oxide power boosting system was also installed. The Ta-152 was suppose to spawn three distinct types: a fighter, high-altitude fighter and a ground-attack aircraft. The 'Ta' designation was in honour of Dipl. Ing. Kurt Tank, the father of the .

Kurt Tank wanted the Ta-152 to be powered by a Daimler-Benz DB 603 engine. However the temperamental nature of this engine caused the RLM to recommend the installation of the Junker Jumo 213E liquid-cooled inverted V12 engine capable of 1750hp.

Top speed of the Ta-152 was an impressive 744km/h putting her on par with the best fighters that the Allies could field. Rate of climb was rated at 17.5 m/sec. Range was 1520 km. The Ta-152 proved to be a very capable aircraft. The 'punch' of the Ta-152 was provided by a 30mm Mk 108 cannon firing through the prop hub and two 20 mm MG 151/20 cannons, one mounted in each wing root.

My model is the / scale Ta-152 Yellow 1 from Jagdgeschwader 301. It was the only Jagdgeschwader to operate the Ta-152 from the beginning of 1945. Operated alongside the Fw-190 D's from JG 301, the Ta-152's achieved limited success. Three Lufwaffe aces flew the type: Josef "Jupp" Keil (Photo included), Willi Reschke and Walter Loos. Keil was the only pilot to achieve ace status on the Ta-152. The model was sprayed with my fabulous Aztek double-action airbrush using Modelmaster enamels from their RLM range. Weathering was per usual with brown water-colour paint, weathering kits. Scratchbuilding was limited to the seat harness, aerial wire, open fuel tank cover and copper tubing for the cannons.

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  1. Another well built model with a great finish Morne. I also liked your back story connecting the model with the pilot. BTW was the range really just 152km (95 miles) or is that a Ta-152 typo... ;-). Gotta find something to tease you about your models don't provide

    • Thanks for pointing out an obvious typo. I will correct it immediately 🙂 Range according to my references point to 1520 km. Hope Tom Cleaver could shed some light on this since some reference works quote higher figures in speed and range. I kept to the more 'conservative' numbers.

  2. Had to do a double take on the seat belt Morne. I know you said you scratch built it but did you use fabric? I'm running out of things to say about your builds. They are all exceptional.

    • Hi Al. Thanks for the thumbs up on my builds. Thinned wood glue applied over strips of good old toilet paper. Left to dry, trimmed to shape & size, dry brushed with off-white coloured paint. Harness buckles were fashioned out of fine copper wire.

  3. Beautifully finished and presented, Morne...really nice photos. Good job!

  4. Awesome build with your "usual" love to the detail ! Simply love it !
    Willi Reschke wrote a book about the JG 301/302 based on his own
    war experiences and with a good amount on research to these units.
    Only the "Geschwaderstab" flew this aircraft. Completely new, to the Luftwaffe they were attacked at one point from fellow 109s from another unit !
    Aircrafts were sometime collected from given up bases. I don t know if this book was puplished in english, it is worth a read

    • Vielen dank Bernd. I would love to read that book! The Ta-152 looks very menacing with that huge prop. I read that it was the widest prop blade put on a fighter during WW II.

      • Hi Morne, yes the prop is huge ! And the aircraft is simply a beautiful aircraft, you have portraied this very well.
        The performance of this aircraft was very high, Reschke qoutes
        the reason of his survival very much on the Ta !
        Maybe interesting as well, the aircraft was highly maneuverable
        even at low altitude

  5. Well presented and finished Morne, a great build sir.
    And seeing that prop after Bernd mentioned it, it`s enormous.
    Well done Morne.

  6. Excellent build in every respect!


  7. Great build I loved the fine details and the historical component of your build article. Thomas

  8. Yet another brilliant model, Morne, I can't add much more to what the other guys have said already, but I'd certainly like to echo Al's comments re the seat belt, the way you've portrayed it hanging out oof the cockpit is superb.

  9. Great work, Morne. Your builds are a joy to behold.
    What is the kit for this model?

  10. Nice work. I think this is still the best Ta-152 kit.

  11. Morne,
    Another belated thumbs up for this Magnificat model. I am running out of adjectives to praise your work.

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