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O’L Yellercopter..

September 11, 2014 · in Uncategorized · · 41 · 1.5K

I remember years ago seeing a scene like this in the Phoenix Arizona area and just had to try to recreate the scene. scale , I added as much plumbing and electrical as I could remember and referenced a lot of photos.
Here she is all worn out but sky worthy. The hanger is made out of coffee sticks and the decals are from the HO railroad world. The lounge chair is about sixteen pieces of plastic stock.
I hope you like,
California Steve

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  1. Nice little dio, Steve...good job on the building facade, too - (probably took longer than the chopper). Is that a Bell 47, like the ones seen in M.A.S.H. ?

    • Thanks Craig, The building was a fun part. I think must have cut a thousand strips to length. And it is the M.A.S.H helo. I have extra stretchers if anyone needs them.
      Thanks again.
      California Steve

  2. You didn't think I'd catch the takeoff on the doggie movie did you? The bad news is I'm old enough to remember it.
    Very creative dio Steve. Everything looks like it belongs.

  3. How about the TV series Whirlybirds? Now that will date me Haa Haa!
    You still can Google these.
    Thanks for the nice words.
    California Steve

  4. CA Steve,
    Now this is nice. Not only that it is exceptional. You did great work on this. I remember the movie and the TV show. Plus I can remember buying gas at an Accociated station.

    • Frank, I am watching one of the Whirlybird's TV shows now.
      These guys really flopped those Bell helo's around.
      I am glad you liked the memory. These were rugged little aircraft.
      California Steve

  5. Wow dude, this is a masterpiece! The diorama setting is rendered in a perfectly rustic and classic American style. I LOVE the beat-up industrial look of the weathered airframe and motor, and you put a very convincing leather finish on that seat in the cockpit. Everything about this composition is a work of art! RESPECT! 🙂

  6. I'm Not Worthy! Thanks Ramon, If I may. I would like to pass on some modeling tips that I use in my dioramas. Now, almost in exact order. Sorry if this is a bit long, but i'm in the mood.

    First I wanted to build this Bell as used 1950s helo.

    I wanted it to be on a diorama.

    I am cheap so I bought a picture frame at the 99 cent store.

    The sand is real from the Mohave dessert. (yes, that was me scooping sand along the highway)

    I inventoried the spare parts boxes, (we all have these) for things that would be scattered around a old hanger.

    The bushes and weeds are readily available at our hobby stores.

    A bit of 2x4 and 6x6 basswood strips were purchased.

    Now that I had most of the supplies ready I began the process of putting this all together.

    Don't worry if you messed up on a board or two, just go back and paint over or nail one over it.

    Now here is the test. Take photos and really look at them. All of the monsters will come out. This is where you go back in and correct the woogies. I have used this basic process and have found it very rewarding. OK I'll shut up now.

    Thanks again,

    California Steve

    • hey, anybody can throw a bunch of ingredients together and mush them around in a pot, but it takes a real chef to make something gourmet... thanks for sharing your process and again, great work!

  7. Steve, you are definitely a 'real modeller', this diorama is terrific, and so 'American'. Thanks also for your list of hints and tips, your posts are always good to read.

  8. Thanks George that means a lot. A bit of Americana. I wished I would have gotten a ride in one of these. Someday.
    California Steve

  9. A great "Yellercopter" and a very nice diorama as well, you have created
    something very special. A sightseeing flight will be very nice,especially
    if you had a camera.
    Well done mate !

  10. Thank you Bernd, I am glad you liked my little peak into a bit of past memories. Making illusions with a taste of history. Now that is fun.
    California Steve

  11. You've a nice touch with this genre of modelling. Always interesting to see your projects.

  12. AWESOME. Feels SO real when you look at that diorama!

  13. Top notch Steve! Another great model thats a bit different. The hanger looks fantastic BTW.

  14. Another great diorama Steve!

  15. Great work Steve. you can almost see the tumbling weeds in the background.

    Well done mate.

  16. I remember those shows as a kid growing up in Dallas. Along with the TV series Sky King, Clutch Cargo, 12 O'clock High etc, etc. I really think that helo is toppers and the yeller paint job really is eye catching.

  17. Great diorama Steve! Like the nail heads in all of the planks as well. Nice detail. Simple scene to tell a story of what happens to the machines once the fighting is over. We will just leave out what happened to Ol' Yeller in the end!

  18. Awesome! And very resourceful!

  19. I've seen old 47s looking like that back 40 years ago out in the "Inland Empire." Particularly remember one down around Calexico. Very nice work. Looks real

  20. Great job on something unusual!

  21. Why unusual is my middle name John!
    Thank you very much.
    California Steve

  22. Hey... Did anyone else have a Captain Midnight decoder or an Atomic ring?

  23. Frank, read your manual. We are not to mention the decoder.
    Chapter 7. Paragraph 6. Section B2. And there are no rings. Over,Out.
    California Steve

  24. Beautiful Bell 47 Steve. The first thing that comes to mind when I see one of those isn't M.A.S.H., it's the ancient TV show Whirlybird's. Jeeze I'm getting old. 😉

    • Me too Rick. As mentioned above you can go on U-tube and still see several of these programs. I was watching the one about the bank truck heist. Really fun.
      Thanks Rick.
      California Steve

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