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Amazing 1/5th scale P-51D Mustang by Mr. David Glen

November 24, 2014 · in Aviation · · 29 · 3.1K

Found during my recent visit to RAF Cosford was this new, massive P-51D model which is now adorning the entrance hall to the museum and which I thought is worth sharing. This model was built and donated by Mr David Glen as a tribute to the US aircrew who gave their lives in two world wars.

Scratchbuilt to 1/5 scale, it is an accurate replica built using original production drawings. The attention to detail is self-evident. From start to finish, the model took David ten years to accomplish.

Previously, David Glen had also built a similarly scaled Spitfire Mk. I which is on display at the RAF Museum in Hendon.

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  1. There are no words sufficient to pay tribute to this work.

  2. Wow! A fantastic effort to build a fantastic tribute. As Bob said, there are not words sufficient.

  3. Having seen some of the WIP of this wonderful build somewhere, I can safely say that it is absolutely incredible.

  4. Breathtaking! Absolutely breathtaking!

  5. Like Simon, I also remember seeing some WIP photos (Britmodeller?) and was pretty much gobsmacked by them. The end result is incredible. Put that out on a ramp and photograph it in daylight and one would be hard-pressed to say it wasn't the real deal.

  6. I agree with Bob, i just don't have the vocabulary to do justice to Mr. Glen's creations.

  7. I've never seen anything like that. Good grief, think of the countless hours that must've gone into it, not to mention the incredible skill level we're seeing. I am truly flabbergasted by this. Almost unbelievable isn't it?

  8. As was stated...words fail me. There aren't enough superlatives to appropriately pay tribute to this model. I am utterly stunned! Wow.

  9. I remember seeing pictures of this model earlier this summer and was stunned by the attention to detail. To my eye, the only thing that gives it away as a model is that the tires are truly round and don't depict the weight of the aircraft. That is in no way meant as criticism. Heck, if I could make a tire that perfect I wouldn't want to put a flat spot on the bottom of it either. Supreme craftsmanship in every sense of the word.

  10. wow... just wow... thanks for sharing this with us.. like the others, words kinda fail me on that... mind boggling

  11. This is incredible! There's another guy out there who did a Mustang and a Corsair and is now working on a B-17. (I think these were 1/16 scale, but all metal as well.) He actually built everything, even under the skin. Mr. Glen has probably done the same. This actually is the real deal! (Just 1/5 the size!)

    There is a gentleman by the name of Pierre Scerri on YouTube who has built a 1/4 scale Ferrari 312P that actually works. The motor runs and sends power to the gearbox which also operates as the original does. I wonder if Mr. Glen went that far? (It would be cool to hear it run if he did!)

    This goes far beyond mere model making. These people are making miniature replicas!

  12. I am not worthy to even gaze upon the works of the modeling Gods!
    But now that I have. Some art is "moving" to use a corny phrase.
    But that is how I feel about this Masterpiece.
    California Steve

  13. What would such a creation be worth?

  14. Like everyone else I am stunned into silence by this ,what I can understand is how a craftsman metalworker can fabricate the metal parts even the complex shapes like the inside of the wheelwell cover and the gun barrel exit points but what about the other stuff like plastic components inside the cockpit ,the clocks and gauges, the information plaques and the canopy/windscreen how do you do that ? Amazing.

  15. A real testament to the disciplines of model engineering. Every time I've seen it, it's like looking at it for the first time. And probably better this time too as the dull weather on the day actually made for better photos in this case.

  16. Astounding... Can't help wonder why not just go 1:1 and build himself a real one, would probably be about the same ammount of work! There would be the problem of digging up a Packard Merlin somewhere I guess. I have seen a 1/5 Spitfire also, same amazing engineering, the same guy perhaps? I think the Spitfire is featured on "The Spitfire Site" as I recall.

  17. Hard to find unused superlatives that fit !

  18. This is the highest level of modelling! We mere mortals can only dream of this level of expertise! Incredible!

  19. Glad to see everyone's enthusiasm about it. I thought that this model was about as cool to behold as the most precious historic aircraft on display at Cosford. Very inspirational indeed.

  20. this is his website -David Glen's I posted up an article in General Modeling about him ages ago. There is also a similar Spitfire displayed at the Hendon RAF Museum. He takes scratch building to a whole new level.

  21. I too am stunned by this...but agree with James...If I could do this I think I would maybe seek financing to just build a full scale P-51 to fly myself.

  22. .

    What a shock ! This is not anymore modeling. This is hyperealistic form of Art. A bigger scale jewelry. A museum is an appropriate showcase for this work ! ...


  23. How many of us modelers are willing to stay with the same project for ten years? If you can not make that kind of commitment you probably are never going to produce this kind of craftsmanship. It is truly inspirational.

  24. "Honey, I shrunk the Mustang"... Simply jaw dropping!

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