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Armstrong Whitworth Siskin MK IIIA 1:72

April 12, 2015 · in Aviation · · 15 · 4.2K

Hi folks! This is the old with some minor modifications.

The kit itself is quite good, as the biplane Matchboxes in general and simplicistic in some area (as Matchboxes in general 馃檪 ), namely the interior and the small details. I focused on detailing these areas (added the prominent prop-driven generators, lights, some rigging, aiming telescopic sight and so on). I had to modify the landing gear (as the kit provides it "in-flight" condition, and the struts doesn't fit too well) and added the very prominent push-rods onto the Jaguar engine (however the kit's engine not bad just from the box).

The decals were in bad condition as this is a chinese incarnation of the kit from the mid 90's so I had to paint/correct them a lot. The silver dope colour is Gunze silver, the polished parts made from Bare Metal Foil while the green is mixed from various Gunze greens (I don't remember exactly which colours were used).

Hope You like it.

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  1. A nice little build and an even nicer set of photos...good work all around.

  2. Very nice build. Beautiful paint jib, great looking aeroplane. 馃檪

  3. Gabor, great build. You obviously have s touch win these smal scale biplanes.

  4. Lovely job, Gabor. You've made a great looking model.

  5. 1/72 Biplans are a challenge, great build well photographed.

  6. Thank You very much! For some reasons I like these old Matchbox kits (these vere the first true "western" kits here when I was a child and You could buy them literally everywhere - even from newspaper stands 馃檪 ). Hardly beleive they are became collectibles.

  7. Very nice model! I love the engine and the cockpit!

  8. Smashing ! Canada's first demo team used Siskins.

  9. 馃榾 and this was the first fighter equipped with radio (sometimes 馃槈 )

  10. Wonderful work! I'm partial to 1/72 and love to see such detail work at that scale - it inspires me!

  11. Great build on the lovely old Matchbox Siskin, your detail work in the cockpit
    and the engine is really amazing. Awesome 馃檪

  12. Hard to believe you managed to get all that detail and such a good finish in any scale, let alone 1/72, another great job, Gabor.

  13. Thank You! I really like these interwar little biplanes.

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