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PZL P-11c

April 4, 2015 · in Aviation · · 34 · 3.9K

The 's 1/48 PZL P-11c which I built about five years ago. This was Poland's standard day fighter in the September Campaign of 1939, and is a pretty iconic aircraft for anyone interested in Polish aviation.

The markings are from Techmod and represent's Waclaw Krol's machine from 121 Eskadry Mysliwkiej (roughly translates to 121 Squadron). If my memory serves me right Krol managed to escape to England to fly with the Polish Airforce (PAF) in exile.

The kit itself has no major issues. It has the look & feel of a limited run-kit which is deceptive as everything fits together nicely, though once again care needs to be taken to test-fit and make good all the parts beforehand.

It does come with some photo etch and 4 resin anti-personnel bombs fitted to racks on the wings. The photo-etch does give it that extra bit of finesse, and I only later discovered that another Polish company: Part, did a more detailed photo-etch set which I'd recommend to anyone considering building the kit.

The model was painted using Agama's Polish Khaki (P4) & Polish Blue (P5) acrylic paints.

Feel free to post any comments you might have.

I know it's an oldie from my archives, (my current project is taking a bit longer than anticipated, but it should be finished & photos posted soon).

In the meantime thanks for looking.

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  1. Beautifully modelled, Marek. Have you posted something similar a year or so back? I can recall someone posting a Polish parasol-wing aircraft early war (might be confusing it with something similar).

    Anyway, great job, and nicely photographed.

    • Hi Rob, thanks for the comments. I've not previously posted any P-11 pics on iModeler but there was a very nicely done PZL P-7 in 1/72 posted back in December last year.

  2. Nice build Marek, on a rarely modeled kit.

  3. Nice job on the kit...and I like the simple (but effective) base as well.

  4. Marek. I really like it. A very interesting airplane. Nicely done.

  5. Outstanding work Marek! Was the side-mounted machine guns angled to fire past the engine cowling? Superb model !

    • Thanks Morne, the fuselage gun set up was pretty similar to the Gloster Gladiator (or for that matter most pre-war biplanes) in that the bullets passed through the gap between the engine cowling and cylinders.

  6. Yeah, that's a very nice kit and you did it some real justice.

  7. Marek, where might I find Part photoetch in 1/48th for this?

    • Hi Bernard, it's available from Jadar Hobby based in Warsaw, Poland. The link to the site is here:

      The item number is : S48105

      I've used Jadar Hobby in the past, and they have been generally reliable with overseas shipments to me here in Australia. I've used Part's other photo etch sets for both my 1/48 RWD-8 and Lublin RXIII ter build. They're pretty much on a par with Eduard from their pre coloured fret days, as far as quality is concerned.

      • Marek, thanks for the info and the link. I've got the RWD and the Lublin, as well!
        Hoping for a Zubr (!) in 1/72, or a newish Czapla. There's just something about Polish WW II aircraft.

        • Yup agreed, I think the Polish aero-industry was quite creative design wise between the wars and came out with some very advanced aircraft for their day. Unfortunately what was very advanced in 1932 was woefully obsolete in 1939. Both the Lublin and RWD had some neat design thinking. Having built both I only wish a more up to date kit would be released.

  8. Greetings :
    A very rarely seen model with a very good work on it, you did swell.

  9. Marek,
    Beautifully done.

  10. Profile Photo
    P.k said on April 5, 2015

    my still waiting in stash .

    • The kit's pretty good, and build's up with no major dramas. The only real issue is getting hold of the right shade of Polish Khaki. Fortunately there are a few more paint manufacturers that do the right shade compared to the five years back when I did this build.

  11. Beautiful and awe inspiring model. Marek, you're from Poland, aren't you? I'm always happy to see Polish models on Imodeler and especially Polish modellers. Great great job mate!

    • Hi Lukasz, thanks for your comments; my Parents were Polish refugees who settled in the UK after WW2. I'm British by birth, but I'm now settled in Australia. I still want to keep the Polish connection going and part of that is the Polish subject matter in my choice of aircraft build's. As the Polish Air Force flew a wide variety of aircraft from 1919 onwards I'm pretty much spoilt for choice.

      • Oh, I understand, I guessed by your name which looks like Polish. Thanks, I'm looking forward to your next models. Cheers.

        • Thanks Lucasz, have got some non-Polish projects to clear my work bench first, but I do aim to squeeze at least one more Polski subject out towards the end of the year.

  12. I like it - nice shading and detail work. Well done!

  13. Very nice. Great job on a really interesting subject. I'll do one someday as well.

  14. said on April 21, 2015

    I do like you P.11c very much. Great paintwork, subtle shining of painted metal. Looking for your next models to see.

    • Thanks Wojtek, I checked out your Armahobby website, which I really liked (have signed up for your newsletter). There's lots of very cool stuff & I especially liked the 1/48 PZL Iskra & early PZL P1 P6 & 7 (I'm hoping the Aussie Dollar fares a lot better very soon).

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