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Romanian Fighter

After all the hassle of complex conversions and difficult kits I felt I'd earned an easy build. Looking around I saw that IBG had released an early P.11B which fitted the bill perfectly. I like IBG kits - they go together easily and are [...]

First to fight IBG Big scale PZL P-11c

Well, the first Allied fighter in European WW2 skies anyway. Contrary to some accounts, the Polish Air Force was not destroyed on the ground early, but their aircraft were dispersed to designated War alert fields, having been on a war [...]

PZL P.11c, serial:8.139/478-N, taktical no 4,P/O Tadeucz Sawicz .(2 aerial victories) 114.Figter sqadron,September 1939,POLAND.

One of the last projects at the end of March 2022 . Build out of the box with some corrections in the scrach. Painted with HATAKA orange lacquer for Polish aviation very excellent. Represents an aircraft: PZL P.11c, serial:8.139/478-N, [...]

PZL 11c by LTD Models

Greetings to all iModeler colleagues/friends. My latest kit is another Ltd Models kit - the PZL P.11c in 161 Squadron markings. This plane was on detached service to the Border Protection Corps (Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza - KOP) in 1939. [...]

Heller’s 1/72 PZL P.11c

This is a nice model kit, Heller released this at 1977. It is a small model with fine raised lines and pretty nice fine details all over. I built up the cockpit area a little by adding a cage and small items on the side walls. The wing [...]

Review: Arma Hobby 1/48 P.11c

Apologies in advance for the photos - for some reason my digiNikon did not like trying to replicate this color against light blue. Another modeler related similar difficulty, so it's not just me. Trust me, it looks better in person. The [...]

Arma Hobby PZL P-11c

Here’s my 1/72 Arma Hobby PZL P-11c. This is a nice little kit, although I think the panel lines on the wings are overdone. The fuselage and interior are excellent. A nice interior with PE is provided in this “Expert” edition. You [...]

PZL 11c

I picked this kit up a few weeks ago from a vendor table at a recent contest. It’s the old Heller 1/72 PZL 11c. This is a basic but nice kit. I added some framing in the cockpit, seatbelts, landing strut bracing wire and antenna wires. [...]

PZL P-11c

The Mirage Hobby's 1/48 PZL P-11c which I built about five years ago. This was Poland's standard day fighter in the September Campaign of 1939, and is a pretty iconic aircraft for anyone interested in Polish aviation. The markings are [...]

PZL P.11c (MasterCraft 1/72)

There is not much to say about this kit - an old one from Poland, reboxed by MasterCraft (or MisterCraft) nowadays with a new decals (not good anyway) . A lot of sanding, filling, scribing an so on. But, it's the good old kit from the [...]