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1/72 scale Hasegawa Beaufighter MK VI

This model was built 11 years and was one of the first 1/72 scale projects I completed in this scale. After years of thinking 1/48 scale was the only thing worth building I was presently surprised how much fun this scale could be, especially now that a lot of company’s are putting out some wonderful kits. It also saves a lot of space in the Man cave.

I had no problems at all with this kit. Every part fit perfect.
I chose an MTO aircraft flown by an So. African Squadron, thus the simple paint scheme.
A little pre-shading and post weathering was done with Model master enamels. The gun barrels were bored out for the tail gun and the lower mounted cannons. An antenna wire was added, and custom seatbelts made from leaded foil and small gauge wire.

I did notice one thing in particular about this model, and that is how solid it is when competed. Its surprisingly heavy, for such a small model. What I didn’t realize at the time I completed it was how important that solidness would be. The first contest/show I took it too, I watched in horror as a small child reach out onto the contest table and crabbed my beloved Beafighter. The damaged was minor, just the antenna wire and the rear canopy. An easy fix, as it turned out, but I’m not sure too many other models could have survived this brutal attack.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

13 responses to 1/72 scale Hasegawa Beaufighter MK VI

  1. I like it Terry…..nice build.

  2. OR – Nice build, Terry…I like it!

  3. Great looking Beau Terry, I like the subtle surface shading. And welcome to the world of 1/72 😉 Not only can you fit more on the shelf, but there is way more choice of subject matter and aftermarket stuff available in 72 than 48.

  4. Nice looking Beau, and the scale is just right!

  5. I’ve always liked the Beaufighter, Terry, and I think 1/72 is the right scale for it. You’ve added just the right amount of extra detail, and achieved a great finish, both help to make this model stand out, no wonder that small child wanted to touch it!

  6. Terry, is that a bomb rack I see under the fuselage in #5? Beautiful job on her.

  7. A fine ” little Beau there Terry.
    Looks OK to me.

  8. Nice one Terry! What astonishes me is how hard these kits are to find: Hasegawa did quite a bunch of interesting 1/72-kits around 1995 but for some reason these are seldom released. Beaufighter and Mosquito comes to mind as the scarcest but others, like the Buffalo, MS 406 and Spit IX are also rarely seen. While their modern jets (F-14, 15, 18) get recycled several times a year with new decals. Strange!



    • Thanks Magnus. I really like the Hasegawa kits, but like you, get frustrated with the way they handle things. Especially when they stop producing a good kit, and/or reintroduce it at twice the price. The last one of these 1/72 beauty’s I saw,cost more than a 1/48 scale Tamiya kit.

  9. Love the Beau! A friend’s (ex) Father-in-Law was a Beaufighter pilot in WWII. It has been an airplane I’ve admired ever since I saw the 1st one back in the 1960s. Sounds like your model was as stout as the real ones!

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