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Airfix/CMK 1/72 Beaufighter NF Mk II

The Beaufighter II: The Beaufighter had demonstrated its performance by the fall of 1940 as the first Beaufighter Is entered squadron service. However well the Beaufighter performed though, the Short Stirling heavy strategic bomber program [...]

Review: Revell 1/48 Bristol Beaufighter TF.X review

1/48 Bristol Beaufighter Mk VIF – Malta 1942

My first attempt at an article or work in progress on this site, please bear with me! Recently purchased (more like invested) in a Harder-Steenbeck Infinity airbrush and decided to try this out on a new kit build; this Tamiya classic [...]

Coastal Command Beau

Long time no visit, work life has gotten in the way of my modelling, but i managed to roll one out of the hangar finally. Tamiyas 1/48 Beaufighter. OOB build with a paint scheme i came across whilst looking for something more interesting [...]

1/72 Airfix Beaufighter TF Mk. X Coastal Command

I call this my FrankenBeau... This was from the old Dogfight Doubles kit (along with the Bf 109 G from my prior post) so a very basic kit. No gun ports, no ejector chutes, raised rivets and panels... I had accidentally purchased a box of [...]

Revell 1/48 Bristol Beaufighter TF.X

For Revell there's a fair amount of detail here but the fit is a bit iffy to say the least. I saw on here that somebody else had had issues with the fit of the engines and main undercarriage. They were not wrong. Still, with a bit of [...]

Bristol Beaufighter 1c, A19-40 EH-G, 31 Sqn RAAF Coomalie Creek 1943.

1/72 Airfix, iModeler random award 04-2017, built 2020, converted not quite correctly from nt TFX kit, see WiP Aircraft from 4 to 8 months or so ago, more pic's and details there, finished in MM2049 and Humbrol 29, 30, with Pledge over kit [...]

Bristol Beaufighter TF.X Revell 1/48

This is my last creation. It is a Bristol Beaufighter TF.X from Revell in 1/48 scale. I simply say here that I modified the whole model a lot. So to start, I wanted some two 1/48 scale motorbikes and I liked the beaufighter from revell. [...]

Erosion Never SleepsBristol Beaufighter Nightfighter

After looking at my Beaufighter for five months, I decided that it needed a little roughing-up. So I broke-out the thinner, some swabs, and a bottle of Model Master chrome silver paint and went to town. Along the way, I managed to break [...]

Video: 1/72 Airfix Beaufighter TF.10 | Full Build