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HK B 25 Michell in 1/32 scale

July 4, 2015 · in Aviation · · 29 · 3.2K

I built this kit about a year ago. I was just having a look at it and was inspired to post some pictures for you guys to comment on.This is a really big kit, the amount of paint it took to paint the model can be measured in litres, not to mention the amount of lead in the nose to get it to stand properly. I used a aftermarket seat belt set, and I made my own barrels for the guns by drilling aluminium tube and added an aftermarket decal set. I also opened up the engine and scratch built the engine mountings and added some piping. Overall a great kit, if you have the space to put it once its completed, I would hate to see the B 17 in this scale. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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  1. Looks great Marc, though hard to tell how big it is in the photos without something to add scale. What's the wingspan of the model? I like the choice of markings too.

  2. Hi Mike, the wingspan is just over 600mm long, the Bat on the nose of the aircraft was hand painted, only the national markings were decals. Thanks for the comment. Marc

  3. Marc, outstanding work, particularly the hand painted bat nose. Did you also do the 13th AF badge? New one on me.
    Take you a long time?

  4. The build took a while, I made a template of the bat, and then drew it on the nose, masked it and sprayed it on, hand painted the white trimming, the 13 AF badge is a decal. Thanks for the comment Bernard.

  5. Good job, Marc...I, too, would have liked to have seen a "common object" included in the pics to get a better idea of the actual size (but I can figure it out, I suppose). 🙂
    And is it just me, or does that figure look a "little light in the loafers"...? 🙁

  6. He does look a bit light doesn't he, I will take a picture with another model just to give you an idea, thanks for the comment Craig.

  7. Marc/Craig: a jeep would work, there's a lack of ground vehicles in 35th as well as 48th, though Tamiya is working away. Most units had jeeps and the trailer used with it. I'd love to have a half ton "Beep" (weapons carrier) or a Dodge Command car. Deuce and a half is available in both scales. A 48th M3 halftrack with the quad 50 mount would also be welcome. Used for AA on airfields into Korea.

    I just think the guy is happy to be there, which means he's been drinking. Or the prop hit him in the head. Grain alcohol (from the medics) and grapefruit juice, I'll bet.

    Or he's got his orders, and he's going back to CONUS to training command.

    FIGMO, as we used to say back in the OLD ARMY. Land of the BIG PX!

  8. Hey Bernard, I agree.

  9. Marc. Very impressive no matter what the scale is, The nose art looks fantastic, and I like the "not too much", weathering. Overall, very nice.

  10. I definitely like the pictures, Marc, people have understandably made nice comments about the nose work, but the rest of the model is equally impressive, especially the engine detailing. As for the size, I think it's not easy to photograph the whole model to enable us to appreciate it, but a 600mm (that's two feet) wingspan, it definitely needs some space to display it properly!

    • Hi George, it is a big kit overall, I took the pictures with the model standing on a pillowslip, it takes up a lot of space, I have vowed not to build another 32nd scale bomber rather 48th scale. Thanks for the comment though.

  11. Marc, did the plumbing in the engine come with the kit, or did you add to it yourself? It's impressive, either way. Looks real. Great stuff!

  12. This is an impressive kit and your rendition has brought it to life. I was looking at the glass nosed version a couple of months ago but talked myself out of it. AC Models from New Zealand has brought out a set of resin figures, a B-25 crew walking along together, that would really set off this model, and perhaps address the comparative scale element that some people have mentioned. The figures are a project in themselves. Anyway, a great looking model.

  13. Hey Rob,
    I would love to get a set of the B 25 crew figures. I must look into it. Thanks for the comment Rob.

  14. That's awesome Marc! It looks like you have put a lot of time and effort into that! The weathering is fantastic.

  15. Hi Richard, Thanks mate, I enjoyed the build. When are you going to post some of those cool bikes you build?

  16. Nice job! I like the engine detailing and the removed cowl panels. Very nice weathering too.
    Did you use a 55 gal drum of olive drab to paint this? I've seen one of these built up close and it is BIG!


  17. Hi Ken, it is big, yes it did take a lot of olive drab, as well as clear and matt coat as well, thanks for the comment, by the way nice P 40 you built.

  18. Big is not the word Marc.
    As you said , industrial quantities of primer, masking tape etc.
    Looks damn fine to me mate.

  19. Thanks for your kind comments Simon.

  20. Very nice work, fine job on the nose art.

  21. Superb work Marc ! Great kit and photos

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