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P-39 Airacobra 1/32 ScaleSpecial Hobby

July 16, 2015 · in Aviation · · 25 · 4.8K

This is a model of a P 39 Q that was stationed on Makin Island in the Gilberts in 1943. The aircraft were originally painted in olive drab and whilst on the island they were re painted in a sand colour which used to weather quite extensively from the prop wash from the aircraft and the conditions on the island. The aircraft were mainly used for ground attack and strafing of shipping in the area.

The Kit needed quite a bit of work, I opened up the engine bay and added an engine from my spares box, I got detail sets from Eduard and Aires for the cockpit and gun bays.

This is a kit I built 2 years ago, and every time I look at it I feel I could have done more.
I am leaving the Congo on the 17 July to get back home and do some serious building again, cant wait.
Hope you enjoy the pictures Guys


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  1. What you need, Marc, is a bit more weathering, haha. Seriously, nicely rendered. I see Kitty Hawk is about to release a new-tool P-39Q in 1/32. I haven't been modelling many aircraft for awhile, but the KH kit has tweaked my interest.

  2. I would like to try the Kitty Hawk kit, it looks real good, as for the weathering, I TRY, Ha ha. Thanks Rob.

  3. From the information you've given it looks pretty convincing to me, Marc. Are you taking this home from the Congo, or is it something you built before going there?

  4. Hi George, I built this before going to the Congo, I am a project Manager here on one of the mines for a South African based company, I don't have much time for any thing here except work. so I look forward to getting home and getting on with my building projects. Thanks for the comment though.

  5. I always thought that this plane, with it's cockpit doors, was a Piper Cub with a gun in it's nose. Really a nice build, very good attention to detail.

  6. Marc, supposedly the color was to blend in with the crushed coral they used to make the airstrip. Myself, I suspect the engineers did it to keep from going rock happy. These and the P-40Ns they also painted are real standouts in any group of P-40s.
    I saw a P-40N at an airshow years ago, painted in a vivid pink, piloted by a lady. I made it a point to tell her how I enjoyed the planes paint job. She was good looking, too.

  7. Very impressive weathering Marc, It looks like it's done a few flights!

  8. Really like it Marc. I like the scheme (and weathering) and may try that on one of my 1/72 Aircrobras.

    • Hi Greg, Did all the weathering by hand with Olive Drab, It worked out ok, Lots of hand painting though, need to try that liquid mask next time. Thanks for the comment.

  9. I'll join the crowd about that weathering. It looks great.

  10. Thanks as always for the comment Tom.

  11. Great work Marc, you got that weathered look right off.
    Well done mate.

  12. Thanks Simon.

  13. I've always liked the P-39, especially when they are done well. This one is done very well. Nice work Marc !

  14. "...down and dirty..." - I can see a lot of thought went into this. Good work!

    • Hey Craig, thanks for the comment, it is a bit down and dirty, the reference pictures I have show the P 39's on Makin looking really well used.

  15. Greetings :
    Nice work Marc, very good weathering.
    Thanks for the images, hope too see more of your work.

  16. Thanks a mil, having looked at the quality of your models, the comment is appreciated.

  17. Uitstekend ! Kan nie wag om jou volgende projek te sien nie! Weathering is spot on!

  18. Dankie Morne, ek waardeer dit. Marc

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