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Tiger Tank and loading crew

August 22, 2015 · in Armor · · 9 · 1.9K

I have begun doing figures. This is one of my first efforts to practice painting figures. The is a kit Early production. The commander came with a Tank crew set, and the others with a loading crew set, all Tamiya kits. I used Model Master Enamels and Painted by hand, with Vallejo washes, and MIG pigments for weathering effects. This is the famous "Das Reich" Tank with the Kanji character inverted for good luck. The story goes the Tank Commander's fiance gave him a signet ring with that Kanji on and he had it painted on the tank.

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  1. Cool little dio John! Man, your figures looks a lot better than any I've done. I have a hard time with those. And, ya just gotta love a Tiger! Yours looks great!

  2. Nice 'first effort', John. The Tamiya kits often offer a nice range of tankers.

    If you intend on improving your skills as a technical challenge, it might be worthwhile considering Vallejo acrylics, you know, base coat, with highlights and lowlights derived from the original base colour. The effects are finer and offer more gradations than a flat colour with a wash.

    Still, it's a brave man who announces, "I have begun doing figures," so kudos for that!

    • I have made the decision to switch to acrylics. I love how enamels look, but the smell of the thinner and paints is horrible and not good to breathe either. I use fans and open the window, but I am getting annoyed with the odor, and clean up.

  3. Thanks, I find the faces to be the biggest challenge. I tried using different shades of fleshtones as described in a Book, but it made me pull my hair out. I have a simple method now and it is coming along with practice.

    1. paint the face and hands flesh base tone. Let it get good and dry 24-48 hours.
    2. paint the iris of the eye with a small brush making a dot, paint eyebrows, paint lips with warm tone flesh. I do not use white in the eyes, just the flesh base. I have found it looks better and the white makes a pop-eyed look and is unnecessary at 1/35 scale.
    3. paint the hair, and uniform base coat.
    4. seal with clear coat acrylic varnish to save the face and other base coats.
    5. use a wash to get shaded areas of face, hair and uniform, then drybrush highlights.
    6. seal with matte varnish.
    • I have a second option that works a lot better (at least for ME)...I try to avoid painting figures in the first place - because I suck at it.

      As for your dio, now all ya need is a little base and you're IN there..!

  4. Nice cat, John !

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