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Airfix 1/48 Ju 87B Stuka


This is my recent project, a classic WW2 warbird. Nice kit, everything went well. Unfortunately, the clear part, which would allow to build a full open canopy, came damaged beyond repair. It had a L shape hole right on the top. So, I had to make it half open. Anyway, the plastic is very thin and clear so we can see a lot of details inside. Eduard PE were used.
Hope you enjoy!

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26 responses

  1. Well done George

  2. Good work with that Stuka. What are your thoughts about the kit and it’s build experience George?

    • Thank you! For me all these new Airfix are great. Building was very nice, no problems at all, except for that damaged clear part as mentioned. Also, in order to be historic exact, I had to get the swastikas from another decal set, since Airfix doesn't provide those.

  3. Definitely a classic bird.
    You made it realy look great, George.
    I especially like the weathering on this one.

  4. Excellent build George. Thank you for posting.

  5. Agree with the above gents, George.
    Excellent build, painting and weathering.

  6. Nice work George. You're right about new Airfix.

  7. Good looking Stuka.

  8. Great job George, love the Stuka kits.

  9. A classic! I think the first Stuka I ever built was a Lindberg one in the 60s, how far we have come. Well done!

  10. Beautiful rendition, George. Bravo!
    Do not ask me why, but I like especially the weathering on tyres.

  11. Well Done George. The painting doesn't look like it came out of the bottle, with some fading ...getting the splinter cameo to to have that weathered look along with the paint chipping adds to the kit. Even the painting of the tires brings out another detail adds to the eye candy.

    The late Paul Allen s , Flying Heritage museum was restoring a Stuka from several air frames and engines collected from various sources and where well along in making a flying example for the museum. All of that seems to be up in the air after his passing. There are several sites that show the museums progress. I'm under the impression that another example is being built in the EU too.

    Two thumbs up

  12. Thank you! I'm suspect, but I've always liked the Stuka. Perfect ugly, and yet beautiful, beast. Built my first one when I was 10...

  13. Great work, i have the same Airfix kit in my stash, glad to hear it's easy, no problem, build. Ahain congratulations!

  14. Very nice - love the paint and weathering work on this. Well done.

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