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Bob Typhoon! Nice to meet you.

October 16, 2020 · in Aviation · · 22 · 1.8K

When I first saw a photo of the FGR4 in the 75th anniversary colors, I immediately put having a model of that plane on my want list. Eventually I picked up a Eurofighter and found the Caracal Models decal sheet. They sat in the stash for quite a while as seems to happen so often after the initial enthusiasm for a project wanes when it takes more time than expected to get the materials.

My friend Dennis's amazing work on his F-35 inspired me to get started on this one. While the model has a great load of ordinance and good detail, a large number of parts had flash on them and some parts, especially the canopy, did not fit all that great, and the wing surfaces had some sink marks. This was kind of disappointing for a modern Revell Germany offering. Oh well, sometimes modeling skill is required.

The Caracal decals were great, although I think the blue is a bit too bright on the roundels. But, maybe the real one is bright too? Well, it's done now so it is what it is and that makes 12 kits completed so far this year.

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  1. Oh! It's a GINA! And an excellent one too!
    This is a great model, Scott. Great building and painting skills on a quite challenging project!
    Well done!
    P.S. The GINA Hurricane would look lovely side by side the Typhoon...

  2. Absolutely astonishing Scott.
    This scheme fits great on this Typhoon.

  3. Nice option for the Typhoon! Those missile bullseyes on the fuselage really stand out on that camo scheme! I really need to pull my Typhoon out of the stash and have a go at it (same kit).

  4. Nicely done Scott, she looks good in camo.

  5. Nice work. That scheme really improves the look of that plane.

  6. GREAT MODEL...I built the first Typhoon 20 years ago which had a propeller on it. I did not know they built a jet Typhoon.

  7. As above, great job on the retro scheme!

  8. Great job Scott! The BoB scheme is a outstanding and a nice variant from the more common modern gray colors.

  9. They probably used modern insignia colors, which would be brighter than the wartime colors.

    Nice work on this - that BoB scheme does look good on this airplane.

  10. You are right, Scott (@guitarhack5), this is a great paint scheme. Well done!

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