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Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb ,Tamiya 1/48th, RAF WWII

September 1, 2015 · in Aviation · · 27 · 2.1K

Just one more , in fact it has been an incredible year for this mark. New kits, different variations, and we still have 4 months to go. This will be the last one for awhile for me though. This is the Mk.Vb kit #61035 molded in a tan plastic. Typical Tamiya quality in detail and assembly. I had started out in building it with the Volkes style tropical filter but didn't care for the markings that I had for this version. Since I had the excellent Victory Spitfire decal sheet, and I have always wanted to build Ft/L Ian Gleeds AB502 Spit in the tropical scheme. I decided to do this also a little suggestion by our amazing Editor helped a little as well. I like the clipped wing variant with the Aboukir filter. Using Aeromaster Acrylics, of Dark Earth over Middlestone, with the under surfaces Azure Blue. The scheme is not a standard RAF scheme that Gleed had on his aircraft. This was the plane that Gleed was shot down in on 16 April 1943 over the Cap Bon area of Tunisia. Now that I am finished with this very good Tamiya kit. I will look into the other available kits especially from . I have this wonderful Spitfire decal sheet from Victory Productions. First time ever I used more than one set of markings off a decal sheet. So far I have used 3 different ones. I am really interested in the new Airfix kits and the Eduards as well that have some great reviews. Thanks for viewing.


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  1. A fine looking Spit, Chuck. Well done. The mascot on the right fuselage side was a carry over from his BoB days?

  2. Chuck, nothing like a nice looking Spit, and the old Tamiya is still a good choice (I still have one on the shelf to do). I too like the clipped wing version, for some reason it makes it look faster. Well done !

  3. Cannot post too many Spitfires sir.
    Lovely job, in different colours as well.

  4. Nice looking Spitfire dude! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Chuck, isn't often you see the Aboukir filter, a plus. She's a beauty, and doesn't look as clunky as with the Vokes. Shame to clutter those lines!

  6. I'll join in with similar accolades as well, Chuck...well done.

  7. Great looking spit! I'm itching to do the desert scheme also, and can't decide between the Hurri, Kitty Hawk, or Spit... Heck - may just do all three!

    • Thank you Greg, funny you should mention that I was planning to build down the road an MTO/N. African campaign P-40, Hurricane and a Mustang. Also to do a Luftwaffe Fw-190, BF-109, Ju-87 and a BF-110 in the desert scheme as well to display.

  8. Hi Chuck, Very nice job on your Spitfire. I really like this type in the desert paint scheme (and without the goofy looking Vokes air filter). Thanks for posting it.

    • Thanks Erich, it was a pleasure to build, funny how you can just and put together pretty much any WWII fighter how simple they were compared to the multi engine aircraft. Tamiya is one that you can just relax and assemble, any hiccups is of our own doing. Don't believe in the term shake and bake. It's the skill and techniques that puts a kit together.

  9. ๐Ÿ™‚ ... Greetings ... ๐Ÿ™‚ :

    I am much in par with Simon, one " Cannot post too many Spitfires sir. " .

    This subject as that of the Me (BF)-109, P-51, P-47 and the Fw-190 are classics. Much too any ones way of seeing " another one ", these are here to stay, one sees them as STAPLES. I always welcome them, it is so refreshing to see the same plane in other " CLOTHES ", and this one is such a pleasing one. The camouflage colors are a real eye catcher and the weathering is just right. Model well done.

  10. Thank you De4ever, classic all time fighters, their legacy will live long after we are gone. Todays models will keep their history intact. For me models are a way to preserve that history of aviation. A visual other than pictures and written history. You can imagine the exploits of the pilots and aircrews that fought bravely no matter who they flew for.

  11. History you can hold in your hand, whilst making airplane and machine gun noises! Not in public, but, Hey!

  12. I guess we all have our reasons for making models, Chuck, and preserving aviation history is as good a one as any. Whatever, you've produced a fine Spitfire model which is appreciated by many, including me!

  13. Great looking Spit ! Love 'em.

  14. Really nice Chuck,
    I have a Tamiya VB trop and ICM VIII Scheduled for desert schemes Might actually get the fuselages together and painted if my present production pace is maintained!
    Congrats on lovely work!

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