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Ki46 III 'Dinah'

October 20, 2015 · in Aviation · · 16 · 2.3K

Just four weeks from opening the box to finishing it on Monday evening. Now this isn't me 'showing-off' it's simply a reflection of just how well this kit goes together.

There isn't too much to say about this project, Built almost completely out of the box with the exception of a pre-painted Eduard etch 'Zoom' set - as usual beautifully printed and perfectly fitting. For this I used filler only to blend the rear transparency in to the fuselage and a little between the cabins and that really was it.

I went back to my favourite enamels for the painting and used Humbrol 'Forest Green' (the darker green from the Vietnam palate) for the topsides and Xtracolour 'ADC Grey' for the undersides. I also wanted to keep the weathering to absolute minimum, simple exhaust plumes and a little light chipping.

Altogether a hassle-free, relaxing (and fast) build and I enjoyed every minute of it. It's a shame that this excellent little kit seems to be overlooked by modellers, perhaps a reflection on it's relatively 'narrow' appeal, Thanks folks for taking the time to look and/or comment.


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  1. Nice work, Ian...what scale is it? Oh...and I sent your decals last week.

  2. Very nice Ian, I like the way this aircraft captured the lines of time as far as streamlining and performance. I've built this kit (not this good) and it is a nice kit. I was surprised how small it is.

  3. ๐Ÿ™‚ ... Greetings ... ๐Ÿ™‚ :
    Nice clean work Ian, good work.

  4. Ian, lovely model of a beautiful airplane! One of the sleekest Japanese airplanes of WW II, and the prettiest.
    What color did you use on the interior?

  5. Very neat job, Ian, it shows off the lines of this aircraft beautifully.

  6. Nce job. Funnily enough, I just bought the same kit two days ago. I'm doung the tiger on the tail. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Nicely done. As you say, an overlooked type, but that's true of most Japanese subjects.

  8. This must rank as one of the nicest looking twin engine Japanese designs of WW II. Tamiya did a great job on this kit. You did an amazing job. Subtle weathering complements the overall finish. Well done!

  9. Great looking Dinah! Just enough weathering and chipping, and great detailing on the interior to give it a great realistic appearance.

  10. Ian...VERY nice job. Love the subtle weathering and not making the airplane look like she'd sat in a sandstorm and sandblasted for three weeks. Again nice work.

  11. Ian,
    Beautifully done. You have made a very good looking airplane look great

  12. Thanks all, as ever I really appreciate the positive & encouraging comments. As you know I haven't been here too long however the attitude here is amongst the very best I've experienced on any modelling related site anywhere. Thanks for that.

    OK, next is a series of repairs to older builds in time for the Armistice Show in Cambridge in a couple of weeks - not too many 'competition models' this year, mainly table-fillers. If you're interested I can do a 'photo review' of the event, the owners/moderators can let me know.


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