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Trumpeter 1/32 F4F-4 Wildcat

September 9, 2018 · in Aviation · · 25 · 2.3K

this is the mount of Lt. William Leonard as it would have appeared with VF-11 on Guadalcanal June 1943

he graduated Annapolis class of 1938

won his wings in 1940

he was awarded the Navy Cross at Coral Sea

three weeks later he won another at Midway

after the war he became a Navy test pilot...then served in Korea and Vietnam

he commanded the oiler USS Salamonie and the carrier USS Ranger 1957 vintage (first angle deck)...later became Admiral of carriers

his father joined the Army as a private in 1898 and retired a bird colonel

his brother retired from the Army as a Major General

another brother a bird Colonel was killed-in-action with the US Army Air Corps in WWII

he retired in 1971 and is buried with his dad and brothers at Arlington since 2005

his awards include

2 Navy Cross

4 Legion of Merit

Distinguished Flying Cross

Bronze Star

8 Air Medals

R.I.P. sir

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  1. Nice job, Bob. Great paintwork. That’s a kit I’ve been tempted to buy for years.

  2. Excellent job here. Well done.

  3. Very nicely done, Mr. Mack...I like it a lot.

  4. How is this kit overall? Worth a build?

  5. A truly lovely Wilcat, Bob. Technically excellent and artistically impressive, a difficult combination to get right.

  6. thank you very much David...your description pretty much hits the kit right on the head

  7. VERY nicely done, Bob.

  8. thank you very much Jeff...i read your blog about flying...about 10 years ago i took $1,000.00 down to my local air field to get some flight instruction time...about 3 rides later my time was gone...and thank you for your wonderful service...i mean it

    • Thank YOU, Bob. ( @p38j ) I love your comment that your folks moved 18 times in 26 years but you kept finding them! I laughed until I had tears!

      A thousand dollars doesn't go far for flight lessons these days. When I took my lessons (1970) I couldn't continue to afford the $22 per hour (dual) at the time in a Piper Cherokee 140. If ONLY we could find lessons for $22 / hr. NOW!

      Sigh ...

      • yeah i did a cessna 1980 a guy offered me wings for $800.00 and i could have his books...oh to be young again...military moved once a year in those days 50's 60' time my parents moved from NAS Norfolk to Nas Lakehurst NJ...the exec died in Norfolk and we were ordered back before mom unpacked...the widow didn't even get the pension if the man died before 1970...

  9. That's a good looking Wildcat Bob, and an excellent history lesson to compliment your build.

  10. A great-looking 'cat Bob! Love the stubby little scrapper, and the 1/32 gives it some muscle!

    • thank you Greg...yeah the Wildcat was certainly inferior to the Zero but it taught the pilots to rely on each other so when the P38 and Hellcat came around they were set...and the Japanese sure didn't beat them up like they did the P-39's right into the ocean

  11. Very nice work indeed, Bob. Bill was also a helluva raconteur about his experiences. (Very few American flag officers ever forget their "generalness" or "admiralness," whether in uniform or out, on active duty or retired - he did)

    • thank you very much Tom and i agree with you about flag officers...seems like you have to almost be psychotic (willing to step on anybody) and an absolute robot to get there...Flatly had to beg borrow and steal to get a star...Yeager only went to brigadier...even Rickover had to be forced in...seems like most great warriors don't go past O-6...Patton would have been finished had WWII not come along...even McCampbell didn't do well with selection...i guess they are too honest instead of smoothies and I think a lot boils down to who you played football with...even my dad and brother both O-6 were kind of full of themselves

  12. Very nice work. Well done finishing.

    I have the same kit in my stash and I have the dilema within me to do it with wings extended or folded. I prefer the look of extended wings but there's nice detail to show off in wings folded mode. The compromise seems to be one folded one extended but I'll go with one or the other -just don't know which one yet.

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