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UH-34D Seahorse of HT-8, 1/72 Italeri.

This is Italeri's 1/72 UH-34D, using Print scale decals of a USN training squadron, which when I first ordered them I had thought they were for the Seahorses used in Antarctica. I always liked the Deep Freeze aircraft. I decided to do the [...]

1/48 Gallery UH-34 Navy Helicopter

This model has been in my stash since it was 1st released some years ago. IMHO it is the best model in 1/48 of this famous Helo. It assembled with minimal issues but was tricky in places. The trick is lot's of dry fitting of the various [...]

Gallery UH-34 US Navy Rescue

I built this a couple of years ago and hesitated to post it because of that very reason. However, it was one of my favorite builds, so I thought I would share it with you guys. I hope I’m not violating some rule by posting a past [...]

HSS-1N Seabat

Following on from my liking of the Westland Wessex I thought I'd go back to the original Sikorsky design and its use by the US Navy. I really like modelling Fleet Air arm aircraft, but also have a soft spot for US Navy types as well. The [...]

1:48 Marine H-34D Seahorse

Out of the box build, having fun weathering as I like to treat it as a 3D illustration. I've been experimenting with different techniques, pastels, graphite pencils and a paper stump.