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Grumman Martlet 11 (Wildcat) ,Tamiya ,1/48

This is the Tamiya kit finished in decals from Hannants “Yanks with roundels part 2”. The kit was a joy to build which it would be coming from Tamiya , I wouldn’t expect anything else really . Fit was great ,the build process was logical and the surface detailing was perfect in my opinion , so highly recommended to anyone wanting to add a Wildcat or Martlet to there collection. The decals were by Xtradecal ,sheet number X48103 and were faultless.

All in all a very enjoyable build and an interesting addition to my Fleet air arm collection in its colourful camo rather than standard FAA colours of the period.
I hope you like her as much as I do ,all comments are welcome.
Keep safe ,N.

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23 responses to Grumman Martlet 11 (Wildcat) ,Tamiya ,1/48

  1. Great to see a Wildcat in a scheme other than blue or grey.

  2. Nice looking Martlet/Wildcat Neil. Having build the same kit I fully agree it’s a little gem of a kit. I like it.

  3. That’s an excellent Wildcat, Neil. Beautifully put together and with an outstanding camo, also perfectly executed. It is definitely a most pleasing model to watch.
    Congratulations, my friend!

  4. A good build of an unusual scheme.

  5. Nice work, Neil. I can never remember or keep straight all of the differences between British and American Wildcats/Martlets. Does the Tamiya -4 build into a Martlet II more or less straight from the box?

    • I did do some research and as far as I know there isn’t much difference ,the early ones didn’t have folding wings and fewer guns but the later ones did as with the Tamiya kit ,basically Martlet was the RAF designation for the Wildcat and they dropped that eventually ,although I’m sure our resident expert on everything could point out where I’m wrong !!.
      Thanks for looking John.

  6. Nice one Neil , looks the part sir.
    Have you tried Airfix`s 1/72 version, she goes together well too.


  7. Very nice job on my favorite plane.

  8. Thanks Bruce ,she’s one of my faves as well.

  9. Simply beautiful, love the choice of scheme.

  10. Good looking Martlet Neil. I really like the camouflage scheme.

  11. Really nice build of the Tamiya classic. It’s refreshing to see that particular paint scheme, which is beautifully rendered.

  12. Lovely looking scheme

  13. A great build! Looks kinda like a fish-out-of-water in that desert scheme!!

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