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Hasegawa 1/48th McDonnell Douglas F-4G Phantom II USAF 1991

February 15, 2016 · in Aviation · · 9 · 1.9K

An inspiration with the current Group Build, this Phabulous Phantom was started around 2007 and completed about 3 years ago. The F-4G Advanced Wild Weasel was from the 81st TFS, 52nd TFW were based out of Spangahlem AB, Germany and were deployed to the Sheikh Isa AB in Bahrain, and was one of the last units still in operation when Desert Storm commenced. Their primary mission was SEAD (suppression of enemy air defenses). The 52nd TFW accounted for 147 radar sites. Despite the dangerous tasking and workload of the F-4's only one F-4G was lost during the war. The F-4G is was created by converting the F-4E airframe, eliminating the gun, making room for AN/APR-47 Radar Attack and Warning system. Upgrading the EWO rear cockpit. 52 antennas were on around the airframe and the wings. The system was able to pinpoint a target location witin two miles and within 2 degrees azimuth from a distance of 50 miles away. Using the AGM-88 HARM missile, and left over AGM-45 Shrike missiles from the Vietnam era to hit their targets. An excellent book about the F-4G's mission in the Gulf War, Magnum, The Wild Weasels of Desert Storm, by Jim "Boomer" Schriener/Rick Eisel.
The kit is the still very good kit, #PT-9 with the mulit piece canopy and engraved panel lines. I used the Black Box cockpit set, which was a bear to install, Super Scale decals for the Night Stalker markings, and the kit decals for the walkways and stencils. The HARMS came from the Monogram Prowler, cannot remember the vendor which supplied the engine and exhaust covers. Eduards RBF flags. Aeromaster Warbird acrylics was used to paint the Hill Grey scheme of Dark Ghost Grey FS 36320 and Gunship Grey, FS 36118. The kit itself was fun to build, don't recall any fit issues. With the new Academy F-4s (new actually they are almost 5 years old with the F-4B), prior to their release in the early 80's we had a pretty good Monogram F-4D and not a very good Fujimi F-4E if I remember correctly at the time. In 48th scale. The Hase kit is still a good kit but amazing how old they are now. Part of my ongoing Gulf War personal build project in 48th and 72nd scale.
Thanks for viewing.

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9 responses

  1. Always a pleasure to see a of my favorites. Nice job, sir.

  2. Chuck, beautiful job. What kind of bombs are those underwing on that F4G on the book cover? Did they use Mavericks, also? I'm not as up on modern stuff, anymore. I recall when they first came out, and the first photos of a display one looked like a christmas tree, ARMs, Shrikes, and Mavericks. Still in the SEA 3 color uppers.

    • They look like M-117 bombs left over from the Vietnam war. At times depending on the tasking order, F-4G's would fly with a mix of AGM-65 Mavericks, AGM-88 Harms and or AGM-45 Shrikes. Just flying with a center drop tank, with ordnance on the wing pylons

  3. Great looking Phantom - wetting the appetite to dig into the group build! Like the scheme, and gotta love any Wild Weasel aircraft.

    • Thanks Greg, was getting ready to start on my F-4 of choice for the GB when I realized it is missing the sprue that has the cockpit, seats and landing gear components. May have to select another F-4 in the stash or get a donor kit to continue with the original choice, will play it by ear.

  4. I always enjoy seeing your builds, Chuck, your enthusiasm and knowledge for the subject really shows.

  5. Thats a fine looking Weasel and a good text, Chuck. Guess the Hasegawa F-4 family are one of those timeless good kits in the world of modelling.

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