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Men, What we need here is a WAR WINNEBAGO!!!!

February 19, 2016 · in Uncategorized · · 29 · 1.7K

Why do I do these things? I have a nice selection of regular models.

Sometimes I just go off on a idea and see if I can make it happen.

Except for the wheels and fixtures and crew, completely scratch built.

And of course I had to add LED lights. It has a flat head Ford engine mated to a automatic transmission, Why? I don't know. It just made sense.

The siding is from those long window blinds that you twist to close. I did not dive into the dumpster to get these. They were sticking out over the edge.

I also articulated the rear suspension for those off road excursions.

Well if you go off the beaten path... Go all the way.

Somebody save me!

Have fun.

California Steve

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  1. I knew that had to be yours as soon as I saw the lights. You have the mind of a mad genius, sir. Another off-the-wall creation (and I love it).

  2. Thanks Craig. Oh the madness! It is fun to start with an idea and a bunch of Evergreen sheets and shapes. I did not dive into the dumpster!
    California Steve

  3. Yee haw
    I like it

  4. Mad. Absolutely mad. But not worse off than many genuine military vehicles these days. Like the interior.

  5. Madness, sheer madness I say. Steve you must have some interesting dreams in your sleep. Just love the concept and execution you've done here.

  6. Looks like something Walter White and Jesse could have used. Or at least our boys in Iraq. Remember "Stripes" the Urban Assault Vehicle? Keep on Modeling California Steve style.

  7. Steve, I once saw the Maryland National Guards mobile command center, and IT WAS something just like yours! I don't think it was even camouflaged. Me, I'd go all stealth and disguise it as an ice cream truck, complete with goofy chime music.

    I did like that vehicle in "Stripes".

    Yours looks more plausible. I'd be the poor devil working the computer.

    When I was in, the van I worked had teletypes. Todays stuff is probably quieter. Yours has a lot more headroom, too, and ain't as cluttered.

  8. Thanks Bernard, How things change. We even have WiFi on board. A dude has to have some tunes going into battle. We play Twisted Sister full blast going in. Haa! Ha!
    Thanks for the nice comments.
    California Steve

  9. Steve, when I toured the thing, they made it a point to show me the BIG coffee urn it had. They assured me it was real mission essential.
    I also remember that in the old days we had pinups taped to the walls for "inspiration".
    Given my vintage, I'd recommend Creedence (Fortunate Son) and Canned Heat (I went down to the crossroads) Others may have other suggestions. Psyops, like the C & W Oddball played in Kellys Heroes.

  10. A California Steve classic. Awesome as usual!

  11. Awesome, here ya go some music for your ride 🙂

  12. Now that was great Rob! I feel much better..
    California Steve

  13. Yeah, had a feeling you'd appreciate that 🙂

  14. Completely mad, I'm not even sure we're on the same planet!

  15. Hey George how are you doing? It is sure a good thing our planet is flat.
    This beast hates going up hills.. Haa!Haa!
    California Steve

  16. A post from you is always a must to hit imodeler. Great idea and perfect presentation, Steve.

  17. Thanks Bernd. Now on to the armored RZR 1000 turbo.
    OK, maybe I'll give it a break for now.
    Thanks for the nice comments.
    California Steve

  18. Forget the armor - where's the beer fridge?!

    • In the side storage bins... You thought I forgot didn't you.
      I have found that most motor homes run on cold brew.
      Only when parked for the day of course.. Haa Haa!1
      California Steve

  19. Ha that looks good! I thought it was a model of Saddam Hussein's Winnebago, with an A10 in the pitch and fan attack...!

  20. Thanks James. No A's available today. But I do have a good stash of firecrackers. I could see SH ordering one of these.
    California Steve

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