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Tamiya 1/72 scale FG-1A Goodyear

February 24, 2016 · in Aviation · · 19 · 1.9K

This particular aircraft was a Test plane used for airframe test for the F2G air scoop. The only know photograph of it was taken May 9,1944 and was taken at a low angle, making it difficult to get an accurate estimation of the actual dimensions of the scoop. What is know is that it looks cool, (good enough for me!).

I was inspired to do this project by one of my first visits to imodeler, when I came upon Jim Sullivan's 1/48 scale kit build of this same particular airplane (posted December 1, 2014). Thanks to imodeler I had the chance to message with Jim and gain a lot of valuable knowledge about 's. Dave Hansen another Corsair's extraordinaire, also offered a lot of valuable knowledge about this aircraft and the kit, as he has probably built more Tamiya Corsairs than the law allows.

The main obstacle was to build the scoop. My idea was to do what Jim did and remove the scoop from an old Skyraider model I had. The model I had had a lousy scoop, rendering useless. I then started shaving down various spare parts and finally settle on a 500 bomb half from a 1/48 scale kit. After making six variations I finally came up with one that fit size and shape I was looking for.

I just happened to have a #3 decal from a 1/48 F-86 decal sheet that was the perfect font and almost the right size (lucky I had a couple extra's too). I added some Eduard PE seatbelts and a stretched sprue antenna wire with a wire spring tensioner, that was actually a rubber tube thingy on the real one. The engine was also wired, however I did not get a very good photo of that area.

Thank you Jim and Dave for all your help !

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  1. Great build super detail, always liked the Bent Wing. It still looks lethal today

  2. Beautiful job, sir...if you hadn't said it was a 72nd scale, I wouldn't have believed it!

  3. Awesome detail. It is hard to believe that is 72

  4. Beautiful Corsair! I build 1/72, and rarely "wire" or further detail the engine as once built, you can hardly see it, but would have loved to get a pic or two of the work you did there - maybe it will inspire me!

    I think the Corsair is quickly becoming my new favorite WWII fighter, after having built the 2 Soccer War corsairs I recently finished, and seeing all those here in iModeler. It really is just a big, beautiful beast, and was around long enough post-war to get into some other interesting livery as well, making it an excellent modeling subject.

    • Greg, wiring the engine was not as tough as I thought it would be, I knocked off the little spark plug dimple on each cylinder, and drilled through that spot with a #80 drill bit. I then treaded a small copper wire through the cylinder, looped it over the top and into the center case. where I used the same drill bit to counter sink a hole. I then glued both ends of the wire into that hole after cutting the wire the right length. The gear case conceals these holes when attached to the engine. I'll see if I can round up some pictures for you.

  5. Terry, I've never seen a gust lock on a tail on any model aircraft. Great touch!
    That yellow nose and the vent really make it stand out.
    Great work!

  6. Brilliantly executed model. Success has a Thousand Fathers.

  7. I suggest you give Roy Sutherland's Corsair tyres a try on the next one 🙂

  8. Excellent photography, too.

  9. Very nice Terry, that turned out great. Even more outstanding that you did it in 1/72nd scale. Very good photography too...keep up the fine work.

  10. Excellent ! A neat work, compliments Terry.

  11. Fantastic work. What looks like a mostly dull and monocrome plane is full of little scratchmarks, filler caps, signal lamps and lots of tonal variation. Well done! Did an L-4 loaded on a GMC truck a few years ago, added gust locks to the rudders. I might post a few pics on that one.

  12. Nice finishes and well photographed.

  13. Your F4U looks fantastic, Terry !

  14. You have real skills, Terry. Great model of a way cool aircraft!

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