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Hasegawa 1/48 scale Aichi D3A2 Val

March 26, 2016 · in Aviation · · 31 Comments

As with most model guys, I strive to find that different and / or unusual scheme , that sparks a little more interest or attraction to one's project.

Scanning books and the internet for Japanese aircraft, especially those few samples that survived the war is particularly challenging. Making, finding the usual even more challenging. On one of my late night studies I came upon a picture of a late war tucked into a tree line being worked on, in what appeared to be a mission prep. The aircraft was a later version D3A2, that essentially looked identical to the D3A1 except for the spinner and the pointed / extended rear portion of the canopy. In the picture the rear portion of the canopy had been removed, solving my one and only part problem that was not included in the kit. The tail section appeared to have been repaired and was a different shade or color. The caption on the picture stated that the location was not known, however it was believed to have been on the Philippines.

The Hasegawa kit is a delight to build. I added some PE seatbelts and gun sights to the rear gun. The engine was wired and my "patented" stretched sprue antenna wire was attached with a small coil copper spring tensioner.

Being supplies were limited by this time of the war, I attached only one small bomb, as this was most likely a one way trip anyway for the crew. The paint scheme was applied to give the appearance of hastily applied IJN green over the normal ship board aircraft paint scheme, as this was now a land based plane.

On the patched up tail area, I numbered the grey area differently and a little misaligned to give the appearance that this section came from a different airplane. To accomplish this I painted on the white numbers using some small stencils. Then painted over them with a thin coat of grey until it gave the washed out look I was looking for. The yellow numbers were some spare decals I had.

This model was a lot of fun to build. I would encourage anyone with any interest in Japanese WWII aircraft to add one of these to ones collection.

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31 responses

  1. Beautiful build, Terry - and nice photography.

  2. The main problem is the Hasegawa kit is the D3A-1. The differences are not great, but they are significant in model terms.

    • Frankly Tom, I really don't care about your opinion and it slightly has began to irritate me. So please don't comment on my work any more. If you want to criticize someone's work or attempt to embarrass someone, do it in private. Not here !

  3. I'm with Terry, if you can't think of anything positive to say then don't say anything (unless the person posting the article has asked for faults to be pointed out). Terry's obviously done a fair amount of research and work with this, and his enthusiasm shows through in the finished model.

  4. Looks really good to me whether an a1 or a3, remember modeling is fun building a 1/72 airfix Val so this is helpful to me,
    Nice job thanks

  5. Terry has stated what many of us think, but are reluctant to actually type it out for fear of being ostracized from iModeler.,
    However, painful as it is for me to say, I really don't see where Cleaver was being critical of your build, Terry...merely pointing out some nuances. You may have misinterpreted his comment(s) - or I may have.

  6. Terry loved your approach and research on the Val. I have the Fujimi kit and like you have been looking for a scheme not normally seen for this Japanese dive bomber. A splendid job on the Hase kit. On a side note I also agree on the unwelcome negative opinions. Know it all's tend to send a negative light to someones efforts. I hope it ends like now.

  7. Really nice, well planned work. Regard not what some of the Peanut Gallery have to say. It's probably someone compensating for an anatomical deficiency.

  8. That's a great work, really. Sincere congratulations.

  9. Excellent project! I'm like you - always looking for unusual schemes. I actually was going to thin my stash at our contest in a couple of weeks and sell of a surplus Val, but after seeing your project, I'm pulling it out of the "for sale" box!

    As for Tom's comment, every modeler has their own tolerances for what looks like a reasonable representation vs. what is "actual" or "real." I fall into the category of going for a reasonable representation - mine are not always "accurate," but that does't bother me. Because Tom is a writer/researcher as well as a modeler, I appreciate his knowledge and insight into the nuances of different versions of aircraft, and kit manufactures shortcomings. I do think it more considerate if he expressed those comments about his projects, and focus more on the work of the modeler (not the kit manufacturer) when he comments on other's work.

    • Thanks Greg, one of my favorite models I've built even though I think the actual airplane is not very sexy.
      What show are you referring too ?, and is a it a good one?. I'm kind of looking for a road trip.

  10. Like nice build "VAL"

  11. Hello Terry...My compliments on a nicely done Val and your choice of markings. A good job on weathering too. Looks like you and the new camera are working well together as demonstrated with your fine accompanying photos. Keep up the good work.

    Regarding Tom's comment on that kit I feel that such information should be passed along in private, not posted on this forum. Only Tom knows whether his comment was meant to be informational or was meant as criticism. Posting his comments in private to you would have avoided that question.

    • Jim, I think your photography suggestions are beginning to pay off. Glad you like the model, I have to admit this is one of my favorite builds. One of those projects that just went together right.

  12. I've seen this model up close, as well as Terry's D3A, and its a well built model. I think Tom phrased his comment a bit sloppily and failed to give appropriate where due. That plus just a general accumulation of his past comments i think are starting to wear thin on people. I've known Terry since 2009, and while he and I are rivals he is a disciplined, methodical and Patient model builder who strives to improve with every new project he takes on. Those who have met him in person will agree with me.

  13. And after MUCH nagging from me, he finally bought a new camera and his photography efforts are beginning to pay off.

    • Yes, Dave nag's me like an old woman, but if you pay attention to the old bag, you can actually learn something sometimes. For what's it worth, I 've actually learned a lot from the old bag. Thanks Dave !

  14. Beautiful work, and love paint scheme! That is WAY cool Terry. You have given me incentive to take a whack at another one of these kits. I loved the build I did, and yours is frakking awesome!

  15. Congratulations on having build a beautiful model and in an unusual scheme. I love the contrasting colours.

  16. Terry,
    I absolutely love what you have done with this. I love the scheme, and how you seemed to have brought this beautiful but dorky looking airplane to life. It indeed had a history. I have this kit but will probably never build it and never as good as yours.
    However if I may add one point, and bear with me, I don't mean to be critical... But, it looks as if your"patented" small coil copper tensioner may be a scale two inches too close to the antenna post... just saying... HA!
    My mentor, an extremely skilled and competitive model builder and winner, always emphasized to me that this is our hobby. We build models, not real airplanes. We do not create life. What we are doing is an illusion. Do the very best you can, try to replicate the subject, and if you are happy with it then that is the most important thing. He was too polite to add, but I will, if no one else likes it... #@%& @

    Aren't you glad you are retired...

    • Thanks Frank, I actually measured it, its about a scale 1.36 inches off. I'm counting on it settling into the proper spot some day.Very good wisdom from your mentor.

  17. Great work on the model, I especially like the colorful paint scheme.

    Terry, your preferences with regard to other users' comments can actually be managed in the system, please see my PM.

  18. Authentic build! . Did the air raid sirens go off

  19. Very nicely done Terry. A yes I have one in the stash and will have to get on it soon.

  20. This is a great model of an iconic aircraft. Good job, Terry.

  21. Hello Terry ! @shoobiz

    With the recent anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack just a few days ago, I was snooping around for the D3-A "Val" articles.

    Then I accidentally stumbled across this beauty of yours ... Wow ! It is amazing and I like everything you have done with it.

    I have one of these Hasegawa models built and shown in my display case, ...but now I know mine was painted incorrectly. Back then 20 or so years ago when I made mine, everything had "Aotake" blue for cockpit interiors if it was Japanese, and "all" Japanese Navy planes were painted in IJN Gray...

    My how times have changed !

    But sadly after reading the one negative comment here about your masterpiece "Val" , it's obvious that some things are still the same... and some people never learn.

    After seeing how you painted yours it's tempting me to bring out another one... A belated thanks for posting this beauty with us.


  22. Guys, @shoobiz & @lgardner, I had know idea this BS was such a problem this long ago. Really a shame. BTW Terry, like the model a lot and like the response. Nice job!

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