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Aichi D3A Val

1/72 Fujimi D3A Val dive bomber

This model is marked as the aircraft of the commander of the dive bomber squadron on the IJN Hiryu, LT Kobayashi Michio. He led the Hiryu's first attack of 18 Val's & 6 Zeros that launched at about 1045. After allowing his fighter [...]

Midway Group Build 1/48 Hasegawa Aichi D3A1 Type 99 (Val)

In addition to the Midway Campaign the Japanese began their offensive in the Aleutians by staging a bombing raid on the Naval Base at Dutch Harbor on June 3, 1942. Strike force aircraft were launched from the carriers Junyo and Ryujo. Most [...]

Coral Sea; Part Two... Aichi D3A1, Type 99, Carrier Bomber

Part Two, is the 1:48 scale Hasegawa kit, and it is in the markings of an aircraft flown from IJN Zuikaku, by Lt. Tomatsu Ema, (Pilot) with W/O Azuma, (Gunner).

1/48 Hasegawa Aichi D3A “Val” from the IJN Carrier “Zuikaku” at Pearl Harbor

Tonight's article is about a model that I built many years ago. It was built right out of the box and no aftermarket items were used other than a little "Bare Metal Foil" on the propeller. I built this plane right around the [...]

Hasegawa 1:48 Scale, Aichi D3A1, Type 99, Carrier Bomber, ‘Val’

After seeing Terry's beautiful D3A2 model posted yesterday, I thought I'd stick my neck out with one I had built a few years back. It's a terrific model, that fits well, and a subject that really needed to be updated, considering that the [...]

Hasegawa 1/48 scale Aichi D3A2 Val

As with most model guys, I strive to find that different and / or unusual scheme , that sparks a little more interest or attraction to one's project. Scanning books and the internet for Japanese aircraft, especially those few samples that [...]

Bill Bosworth's amazing 1/32 scratchbuilt D3A-1 "Val"

Here's the most recent masterpiece from Bill Bosworth. A 1/32 scratchbuilt D3A-1 Val dive bomber. Done as one of the Vals that was shot down at Pearl Harbor.

Fujimi 1/48 Aichi D3A1 ‘Val’

Built this ages ago but haven't managed to upload it - sorry guys! Although an old kit and picked up for a bargain at £5! As well as a few touch ups in the cockpit, it soon came out a nice kit 🙂 (link)

A.K.A. “Val”

Here is my just completed Aichi D3A1 Type 99 dive bomber, AKA “Val”. It is a Hasegawa 1/48 scale kit, no ‘aftermarket’ stuff unless you count the seat belts which are aftermarket masking tape, or some of the markings, which I [...]

1/48 Aichi D3A Val by Hasegawa(?)

The Val was Japan's naval dive bomber, comparable to the American Dauntless or Germany's Stuka. Vals were significant contributors to the expansion of the Greater Co-prosperity Sphere in 1941-42. As the front line bomber on Japanese [...]