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Peugeot 206 WRCWe Are The Champions! Tamiya 1/24

March 3, 2016 · in Automotive · · 21 · 3K

Back to safe ground, four wheels, and wings for keeping it on the ground. This is 's kit of the Peugeot 206 World Rally Car which won both the drivers' and manufacturers' world championships in 2002. Having had much success since the car's introduction in 1999, Peugeot again wanted to win the dual championship in 2002, this aim was in site by the 12th round in New Zealand, and four cars were entered, with Marcus Gronholm eventually taking the drivers' crown, and Peugeot again being victors of the manufacturers' title. One of my favourite drivers, numbeed fourth in the team is Gilles Panizzi, a tarmac surface specialist, and it's his car I chose to model, although for the NZ rally the car is in "gravel" specification, meaning raised suspension, narrower wheels and tyres and smaller front brake discs. Gilles, co-driven by his brother, was the acknowledged tarmac surface master, and was breathtaking to watch, although he was not quite so successful on the "gravel" events. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when the brothers broke the news to their parents about their chosen careers - Guess what, I'm going to be a full time rally driver, and my brother's going to be my co-driver!

Tamiya released a number of kits of this car and this one includes two standing figures celebrating their victory. I managed to photograph the brothers in victory pose before the start of the event... The kit is standard Tamiya, with a couple of extra details added inside. The interior is quite busy, but, as usual, hardly visible once the model is completed. I decided to use the moulded plastic antennae on this occasion, but regret it now as I think they look rather "heavy".

Thanks again for looking. George

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  1. Some nice modeling there, George...I like it.

  2. Love it where's the tire smoke. Nice job

  3. Looks great, George!

  4. The cars you select are definitely a colorful lot! Do you focus on modern only, or do you ever go into muscle cars and vintage?

    • Hi Greg, thanks for looking and for your question. I guess I mainly go for cars and motorcycles that I have seen or enjoyed seeing on TV, that means anything from 1950 onwards. The colour really started from the early 1970s with major sponsorship, remember the Gold Leaf Team Lotus, closed followed by the John Player Special Team Lotus? I love F1, WRC and Le Mans sportscars the most, and Moto GP slightly less so, although the motorcycles make great models in 1/12 scale. I'm unlikely to do anything pre WWII, although the German F1 cars from the 1930s, Mercedes and Auto Union, are very attractive. I only wish there were more classic car kits available from the 1950s and 1960s, like Tamiya's recent Mercedes. I see that Belkits are about to release the Mk1 Ford Escort rally car from the early seventies, fairly plain livery with not much major sponsorship, that will be a "must have" this year.

  5. George your cars and motorcycle s always look great and that goes for this little gem as well. I can see that you are passionate about the subjects that you model and that's evident from the final product! Well done!

    • Thanks for your kind comments, Morne, and, yes, I am passionate about the cars and bikes that I try to model. I also think that's true about your models as well, they are always well researched and your postings are a pleasure to read as well as to look at and admire.

  6. Lovely job George, those Tamiya rally cars are a joy to build!

  7. Yes, you're right, Ian, it's a shame that so much of the detailing gets hidden. I keep trying to model one with an open door, but the design of the kits makes it very difficult, one day, maybe! On the other hand, I'll have to get round to doing the Mini Cooper S from the Monte Carlo Rally, that has an opening bonnet and visible engine...

  8. The build-up photos are really interesting, George. Surprising how much detail can be packed into such a confined space. As usual, great-looking finishes and the 'road view' sets off the model nicely.

  9. Another nice rally car! The detail inside is fantastic, who did you use for the seat belts?, they look great.
    Claire drives one of these, but not to the same spec by a long way!

  10. Hi Richard, thanks for your comment. The belts on the seats are the kit decals, but the extensions to the rear of the roll cage, and the retaining strap for the spare wheel, are made from Tamiya masking tape painted blue. Peugeot have made some great cars, the 205 1.9 GTi being a classic I guess, not so sure about the current range though...

  11. I really like your work, George.

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