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VF-74 Round up

March 28, 2016 · in Aviation · · 16 · 1.9K

Three Phantoms- one old build, two fairly recent, The first is I believe VF-74's first scheme of the 1960's . I used an old F-4J which really is a 'B' because of the thin wings, Airfix decals, crudely dropped the slats and flaps and extended the nose strut for a cat. shot. The build is over thirty years old. ouch!. The second is an with micro scale decals. the scheme is from the Bicentennial-1976. The third is , using kit decals. the scheme 1977-1979 ,was the squadrons first low viz.attempt. when nothing was standard yet. All . In my humble opinion, I've never built a new Hasegawa, but between the Fuji, Monogram and ESCI , the ESCI is an easier build with less filler required and less fiddly. One note typical weapons load out on a Med cruise in the '70s was one or two sidewinders and two sparrows in the rear troughs, I rarely saw them with four sparrows. thank for looking..

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  1. Nice collection and markings progression, though the gull grey over white is my all time favorite. Thanks for the information on the Sparrows.

  2. Sweet looking trio

  3. Can't have too many thunderin' Phantoms, IMO. Nice builds.

  4. I like the B with the strut at full extension. I've never seen one displayed like that, and it made me wonder if Academy put that option in their kit!

    • I just looked at the USAF version's instructions on the "parts not for use" template (along with all the extra sprue pieces) and there doesn't appear to be an extended front fork included for the Navy J model. More than likely that'd be for the British Phantom anyway...which they may eventually do.

      • USN f-4 had extension ,the RN had a longer extension, the only kit that ever included it was the old matchbox kit and that was for the RN version. I jury rigged my strut.

  5. Phantoms, another one of those aircraft that almost have a cult like following (like spitfire and bf 109 guys).
    These look great Robert. really like all three paint schemes.
    (I'm now going to burn some plastic to please my P-47s)

  6. Like the others have said, Phantoms are one of the classic designs and will always be popular models. Your 1/72 scale versions are all very good examples.

  7. All of the 1/72 Phantoms I've built... Esci, Fujimi, Hasegawa and Mongram, required a lot of work on the seams. I had the most luck with the Hasegawa kit, but even that required a rescribe.

    You did a Phantastic job of turning some sow's ear kits into Phabulous Phantoms!

  8. Great looking trio! I have yet to build a Navy version of the Phantom (dad was AF), so like the variety of your builds. Until now I've only built two Fujimi kits, and remember having to content with the seams. The one I'm working on for the group build is a very old Testor/Italeri kit, and it really goes together in a strange way! I expect filler to come.

    I've got a Hasegawa kit waiting in the wings - sounds like from the comments above there will be similar issues.

    • Thanks ,Think I built that kit for an AF guy some years ago, I think it went together well . I shy away from the hasegawa , there a bit pricey. Had a AF exchange officer while with VF-31, he was crazy, loved the boat ,did a fly by off the ship below the level of the flight deck then zoomed up for altitude.

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