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X-15 plus

April 5, 2016 · in Aviation · · 7 · 2.1K

This is Revells/Monograms A2 ,with a little friend, the X-15 from the old B-52 1/174 scale kit of the sixties,[ the B-52 is long gone] the A2 came with a mold defect in left tail which required some filler and sheet insert. the decal on the stand is actually from Revells original X-15 kit I think it was 1/64 scale. I always loved the X-15, If I had ever had the choice I probably rather fly in it than take a space launch.

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  1. Robert, yeah, Revells box scale. The one I had actually had a boom on the nose, musta been a prototype. In those days manufacturers rushed the new stuff into production. Lindberg and Hawk, for sure.
    It also had a moving vertical stab, and the under one could be removed.
    If I still had it, probably worth $$$. Long gone!
    I didn't even paint it! All them de-cals!

  2. Nice work, Robert...too bad they didn't make a two-place X-15, huh? 🙂

  3. You read my mind, imagine a backseat ride in that!

  4. Nice post of a iconic aircraft!

  5. Interesting stuff, Robert, thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Very cool, I keep saying I am going to build an X-15 but have not as of yet. Maybe it is time to start searching for a Special Hobby one that isn't to expensive! Well done again!

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