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Schneider Cup 2.0 ?

May 2, 2016 · in Uncategorized · · 16 · 2.4K

After the smashing success with the Red Bull Air Races, the Austrian company announces a reprise of the legendary Schneider Cup Trophy.

This cup, which was once the meeting place for the world’s fastest piston engined powered air racer is going to live up again. Several companies as well as countries have already announced their interest in such a highly competitive and crowd pleasing event.

Today 2 once great manufacturers which were deeply involved in this historic event announced their comeback and also presented a mock-up of their planned and already under construction racing aircrafts. As can be seen, the Schneider Cup 2.0 will be once again exclusively only for aircraft which have to take off and land on water and have to be powered by piston engines.

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  1. Very imaginative! Love the retracting hydrofoil tips on the red one, but not sure how it stays upright once it settles as it doesn't appear that there's much flotation in those wing-tip foils?! Surely there is a futuristic explanation...

  2. excellent insane and epic. this could be idea for build off, i would participate.

  3. So...what parts/pieces did you use for these speedsters?

    • Hi,

      well I like use everything that comes into my hands, so for the Curtiss it is quite obvious: the floats came from an Airfix Beaver, the fuselage is a C-130 drop tank plus another smaller one which houses the engine, which is not in the aft airframe, the propeller is a Shackleton prop from Aeroclub and the rest is plastic sheet, the Macch is all self made, it looks as if it would be a bit Star Wars X-Wing inspired but it isn't, the original idea came from a book called "Speed birds"

      Glad you like them and yes I hpe to make a few more like them...



  4. Superb idea, but when I look at the blue one - excellent aerodynamics, no doubt. But on the water it would make a "reverse duck" accoring to a german childrens-verse: "little tail into the water, little head high up" ("Schwänzchen in das Wasser, Köpfchen in die Höh"). 😉

    • Maybe, maybe not but Im afraid you got those lyrics a bit wrong it is: little head in the water, little tail high up, “Köpfchen in das Wasser, Schwänzchen in die Höh”looks like little ducky likes to drown.

      • I know that. I reversed the lyrics regarding your blue-golden racer. The engine and thus the main weight is situated even behind the rear end of the floats. So if you put it on water the tail would drown and the nose look in the air.
        I like the Idea, and the racer looks really good and fast, but I'm afraid it wouldn't function.

  5. Great idea and background story! You really ought to make a "what if" groupbuild on this theme 😀

  6. What the heck is that Pa ? , An outstanding creative build.

  7. Real imaginative stuff! Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers!

  8. Neat stuff Rene', my favorite is the little blue thing.
    A few years ago, at the IPMS Seattle show they had a special "what if" category just for this. It was very popular and fun to look. Unfortunately it was just once.

  9. beautifully imagined Rene !

  10. Now that's pretty wild.

  11. Breath of fresh air! Top marks Rene'.

  12. Very imaginative and advanced looking designs. looks like you had a lot of fun with these ideas. I am curious as to where you got the Daytona coupe you used in the group shot.

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