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Westland Whirlwind

July 8, 2017 · in Aviation · · 16 Comments


Here is another of my recent builds, the old Westland in scale.

This is a "retooling" from the '70's rather than the original kit they produced in the 1960's. Although a simple kit with less than 50 pieces it builds up in to a nice replica of this short lived design.

The model has been displayed on a Matchbox stand to allow more dynamic posturing with its in flight configuration. As is usual for me its all brush painted with Humbrol acrylics.

Thanks for looking.



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16 responses

  1. Yeah! Nice sleek bird and the good old transparent stand does the trick !

  2. Lovely build of an elegant aircraft. I've been thinking of building one of these for a while, but then, I don't think there's been a plane made I can't say that about.
    Lovely model, and I'm with Kloster, the stand is great.

  3. Excellent brush-painted build, my friend. Too bad there isn't a source for just display stands (I like it, too). Perhaps one can purchase direct those two-piece [black] stands that come with those 32nd Tamiya kits - those are simple, but effective. Think I'll write and ask 'em. 🙂

  4. Great build .Looks good on the stand.

  5. I thought I recognised the stand, nice job Gregor.
    One of the old Airfix kits done well.

  6. Nice one Gregor, what have you done with the rotor blades !

  7. Classic kit, I remember building one of the original Airfix releases of this, beautiful looking aeroplane, your build brings back great memories, I'm sure mine didn't look half as good as this one!

  8. Great-looking Whirlwind - I always thought it was a sleek aircraft and I built this same kit. I also tried a couple of builds where I clipped off the prop blades, since I mount all of mine in flight, but decided I'd rather just mount with props "stationary" as if frozen in flight. I like them both ways though, and when done well as you've done it does make the display more dynamic.

  9. Lovely!
    She had an outstanding and advanced design (the tail section was later adopted by the Meteors) and your presentation evidences her sleekness very well.

  10. Gregor, bravo!
    I have always admired this aircraft. They look exceptionally deadly to me & have a wonderful look unlike just about anything else. Your kit is done very well!

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    said on July 10, 2017

    Looks good Gregor.

  12. Thank you all very much for the kind comments.

    As always they are very much appreciated.

    Cheers Gregor

  13. Very well built! It is a very elegant design, just a shame they couldn't,t get it to perform to it,s full potential.Some of those old Airfix kits can be turned into something special, as you have demonstrated.

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