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1/48 SB2C-4 Helldiver

June 16, 2016 · in Aviation · · 36 · 2.9K

Another one I never posted from a few years back. This is the Revellogram Promodeler kit from the late 90s. The decals were terrible and yellowed, so I cobbled together spares to model a USS Bunker Hill . I painted it with enamels, Modelmaster gloss sea blue and Humbrol for everything else. This is actually one of my favorite models and I was kind of surprised when I realized I never photographed it!

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  1. This is an aircraft that only a mother could love and a loony modeler. I remember this plane from ages past and one of my recent builds (in the past 6 years recent) I love the old Beast and you did a bang up job on this one,

  2. Good work...I've done a couple of these myself (probably not as well as this one, though). Nice job!

  3. Great job! Did you paint the dive brakes off of the model and attach them afterwards? Not looking forward to masking the canopy on mine!

    • Yes, I painted the outer brakes and then attached to the model with ca glue. The canopies actually went pretty quickly because there is very good definition between the panes and frames. I remember a new #11 blade and Tamiya tape did it in an evening.

  4. Good looking Helldiver. It was such a brute, but I do love the planform of the aircraft. The dive brake detail came out really nice on this.

  5. An awesome beast!

  6. Hello John...My congratulations on an excellent build of that Monogram Helldiver kit. The glossy sea blue finish with the white Bunker Hill markings is an awesome combination. An outstanding model for sure.

  7. Love it John, well done, one of Monograms good ones, almost finished one, but I made the mistake of inserting the prop into the engine before installing the cowl, was just seeing how it looked and couldn't get it out in a way that ended up breaking the plane beyond repair I was so disappointed, but I remember the build was enjoyable. And I have since picked up another one for the stash which I will someday soon start to build it. But for now yours is came out very well. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Known as a SOB 2nd class amongst the aviators that flew this beast. I have this lovely kit in the stash for many many years. Still have to get a good Eduard set for the cockpit. You did an amazing job on this one. Well done!

  9. Wonderful build! That is a great kit, sadly mine fell victim to government movers when I retired from the Navy, they just crushed it, couldn't save anything but the engine.

  10. As John Bridgers, engineering officer of VB-15 said, "I was soon to learn that the SB2C had three fewer engines and two more hydraulic connections than a B-17!"

    Nice model, it's still a great kit.

    • Tom, what a great line! Just a real snake bit aircraft, even with the multiple modifications to get it up to operational standard.
      I remember the Marine pilot telling the story about how they'd just transitioned to the Beast, and one of his companions fired his up, and the tail fell off. That'll instill confidence in a young aviator.

    • Thanks Tom. I actually referenced yours over on MM when I built it.

  11. Looks great ! It's a long departure from my Match Box kit.

  12. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Always did like the HELLDIVER. As I see the lines, it has always reminded me of a whale. Love those MONOGRAM kits, lots of memories.
    Nice color and clean look. Thanks for sharing these images.

  13. Outstanding work on this Beast, John!

  14. Looks like you hit the bullseye with this one, John, great looking model.

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