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1/72 F-8s, Fujimi, Esci

July 23, 2016 · in Aviation · · 11 · 2.1K

Robert's F-8s inspired me to take these pics and post them. I thought I was the last guy to have that old kit on a display shelf! I built these in the mid 1980s. Robert's AMT kit is an re-pop. I think I have at least 3 more of the Esci kits built and in deep storage. I left these two on display because the "D" and the French "Cruze" are unique. I really liked those Esci jet kits. Besides the built ones, I hoarded 3 more Esci Crusaders for the stash a few years ago when a guy was dumping them for $4 each at a show. You can never have enough Esci F-4s, F-5s, and F-8s. Tip: The Esci F-4 is a nice cheap kit too if you ever see one at a swap or contest vending table. Avoid the Esci 1/48 , junk.

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  1. Nice lookin' builds, John...never noticed the difference before...that "D" model has that little "swoop" just behind the canopy whereas the French one doe not. Looks the like nose may be a tad different as well. I like 'em.

    • Thanks Craig! The Fujimi "D" is wrong in shape. The Esci French Cruze kit is very accurate. The Esci is n E/J kit. The nose and Intake was more bulbous on the "E" and French "E(F)" variants then the earlier "A-D" models because they had a simpler radar.. The "J" was simply a rebuilt "E" that was needed to operate off the smaller Essex class carriers during the VN war. It incorporated many French feature including the double slats.

  2. Cool Crusaders. can never have enough. An additional difference between the D and later F-8's is the hump on top of the fuselage/ wing. The the 1/72 Esci F-4 is a great kit, I'll have to check out the F-5.

  3. Very interesting model. But why so few photos? I would like to see them better)))

  4. two beauties john...these oldies are a treat

  5. Great F 8's ! One of me faves.

  6. Another brace of gunfighters! Nice. I've got one more in the stash, but have some CAG decals intended for it and would love to build a French F-8. I may have to look for one of those ESCI kits to try out - the one I've built was a Fujimi and the one waiting in the stash is a Hasegawa.

  7. I know next to nothing about these planes but they sure look neat!

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